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Various Stages of Hypertension: Stage 1 and Stage 2

Hypertension is usually classified by the doctors at 4 different stages. The very first stage is called the normal stage in which the blood pressure is constant and at the recommended level only. The second is the prehypertension stage. It is a state which is called the mild hypertension stage. The next is the third stage which is called the stage 1 hypertension. In this stage the level of blood pressure is supposed to be moderate. Another is the fourth stage which is called the stage 2. A detailed explanation about this stage is given under stage 2 hypertension paragraph.

Here is given little more description on stage 1 hypertension. This is the stage of the hypertension in which the diastolic hypertension remains 90 to 99 mm Hg whereas the systolic remains in between 140 and 159. Some lifestyle measures are recommended especially for this stage of hypertension. The recommended things include body weight management by proper diet & proper exercise and eating only diet which is high in vegetable and in fruits and should avoid selecting and eating the low fat dairy food products.

The patients with this level of hypertension are also recommended to take the medication that can cure the hypertension and can also prevent the patients from various other heart related diseases like strokes and heart attacks. To know which drugs should be taken you can consult to the doctors as well. For the African Americans it is recommended to take two drugs if they found the level of their hypertension above or equal to 145 mm hg.

All about stage-2 hypertension

In case if the diastolic pressure is equal to 100 or above and at the same time systolic pressure is 160 or above then the patient is said to be in the most severe stage which is the stage 2 of hypertension. In order to recover from the complications of stage 2 hypertensionyou are first required to modify the habits and lifestyle of yours. Any diuretic or other antihypertensive drug is must to be taken by the patients of such level of hypertension. If necessary then you should also consider taking a third type of medication to cure it.

Other factors like your environment and whether you are American African are also considered before giving any medication. Those who have a higher risk of developing hypertension related diseases are given more severe drugs. Other diseases like kidney, heart or diabetes are also usually considered by the doctors before starting the treatment.