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Sure Save Pharmacy: A Reputable Local Drugstore

Sure Save Pharmacy

Sure Save Pharmacy is a drugstore that is located in Alabama. This store was established in the year 1999. It has been serving patients for almost two decades now. This pharmacy has two locations. One of the stores is found at Harvest location while the other is located at Madison. The store offers various services. These include Medication synchronization, online refills, smartphone refills, automatic refills, and text when ready service. This pharmacy is dedicated to only serving local people in Alabama. Although they have an online website, they don’t ship their medications internationally.

One thing that we found as being different from the majority of other pharmacies that we have come across is their use of a mobile application that allowed their patients to order their drugs and also get their prescription refilled. They claim to offer the best services and ensure that their customers get their best services. This is what was available on their homepage. The problem with believing hat pharmacies tell you is that some lie. You can’t tell which pharmacy is lying and which one is telling the truth. This is the reason which made us look for further evidence that could prove that Sure Save Pharmacy is really as good as it claims to be.

Sure Save Pharmacy Reviews

We were able to find reviews posted on different review channels regarding Sure Save Pharmacy. The majority of these reviews were positive. This shows that the pharmacy ensures that their consumers are happy with the services and drugs that they offer them. The following reviews should prove this to you:

Sure Save Pharmacy Reviews (source: https://web

Sure Save Pharmacy Reviews

Jennifer Shelton says that it was her first time to order from Sure Save Pharmacy. She had a great experience with the pharmacy. She noticed great customer service in the drugstore. The service that she got was good enough to make her find Sure Save Pharmacy Facebook page so that she could give them a “like” and also write a review. She had been using CVS to order her drugs. However, after using Sure Save Pharmacy, she now prefers to use it since she experienced a great environment and great prices. She recommends Sure Save Pharmacy to everyone.

Amber Beemon says that she was told about the pharmacy by a friend. She just happened to stop in after she had gone into the urgent care that is close to the pharmacy. She loved Sure Save Pharmacy. She even moved all her prescription meds to the pharmacy. She experienced great service, friendly atmosphere, and she found that the attendants were always helpful.

Shannon Thompson says that Sure Save Pharmacy is the best pharmacy. They have the friendliest staff. They even know her and her husband by name. They are always happy to answer her questions and help her in any way.

Mj Bootes had a series of events happen to her and she was stressed. Her boy fell sick and she needed medications. Her insurance had dropped her son. She had to pay for the medications that her boy needed out of pocket. She visited Sure Save Pharmacy. When the pharmacist found out that she did not have insurance but she needed the medicine, they tried to keep the prices as low as possible. She says that this act of kindness meant a lot to her. She highly recommends the pharmacy. She found everyone to be friendly helpful. She loves that when she goes there she doesn’t get treated like a number but like a neighbor.

The above comments from people who have used Sure Save Pharmacy prove that the drugstore strives to offer the best services. They even work hard to try and reduce the prices that their customers have to pay. But, is the pharmacy legal.

Is Sure Save Pharmacy Legal?

While researching on Sure Save Pharmacy, we could not find anything that could tell us that the drugstore was illegal. They operated within the confines of the law. They did not sell any illegal drugs. If a drug that required a prescription was to be dispensed, they ensured that the patient had a prescription before they dispensed the medication. This shows that they are very legal. Thus, when you are purchasing your drugs from them, you should be very sure that you will receive what you order and you will be safe when you take the meds.

Sure Save Pharmacy Online Prescription Refill

Sure Save Pharmacy offered their customers a chance to use their online service to refill their prescriptions. To get your prescription refilled, you have to send in a valid prescription from your doctor. If you lack a prescription, you will not get any medications from them.

Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drugs

This pharmacy promises to deliver the drugs fast. Although the pharmacy promises to receive people’s orders online and refill them quickly, their services are strictly confined to Alabama. This means that they don’t serve the international community. However, there is a better chance to get your prescription meds refilled cheaply and delivered to you. There are numerous online drug stores that ship their drugs to all countries all over the world. These stores charge less than local stores. Therefore, ordering from these stores will save you a ton of cash. To make sure that you don’t get to buy from fake online stores which form 90% of all the drugstores that sell meds on the web, use the stores that we have on our reputable catalog.


Sure Save Pharmacy is a store that was established in 1999 in Alabama. Currently, they have two stores open. They only focus on serving the people who live in Alabama. This means that they will not ship drugs to other countries. We have a wide collection of legitimate online drug stores that ship their medications anywhere on earth. You can find these stores in our list of genuine online drug vendors. Ordering your meds from one of these vendors will guarantee you huge savings and first delivery of your medications.