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Safe Generic Pharmacy: An Indian Online Pharmacy with Great Reviews

Safe Generic Pharmacy

Safe Generic Pharmacy is an online pharmacy that operates from India. This store sells generic drugs. They distribute both drugs that require a doctor’s prescription and those that can be dispensed as over the counter drugs. Its medications originate from different manufacturers. Some of these manufacturers are located in India while the others are located outside India. These manufacturers include Cipla Ltd., GlaxoSmithKline, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd., Lupin Ltd., Pfizer, Alembic Ltd, USV Ltd., Novartis India Ltd, Torrent Pharma, Abbott India Ltd, MSD India Ltd, Unichem Ltd., Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Macleods Pharmaceuticals Ltd., and AstraZeneca Pharma India.

The store has been distributing drugs worldwide since the year 2011. They claim that they don’t compromise on the quality of drugs that they offer their customers. Safe Generic Pharmacy guarantees their customers that they will be able to enjoy the lowest prices for their drugs. The store promises to beat any price that is lower than theirs when you find it on a competing website. The pharmacy claims that their support department will offer you all the support that you need.

We noticed that contacting this pharmacy was quite easy. They had a live chat program that allowed their customers to communicate with their support department while shopping on their website. They have an email that you can use. Their email is [email protected] They had a phone number that anyone could use to order their meds. The phone number is +1 646 918 1612. The time when their customers could receive help from Safe Generic Pharmacy support team is between 10 am and 7 pm Indian time. The pharmacy accepted a variety of payment options including wire transfer from all over the world, credit card or debit card. They also accept online banking payment method. The store guarantees that your medications will reach you as soon as possible. The longest that the meds can take before you get them is 30 days.

Safe Generic Pharmacy Reviews

The pharmacy had nice reviews on Trustpilot. The summary of the reviews that they had is as follows:

Safe Generic Pharmacy Reviews Summary

Safe Generic Pharmacy Reviews Summary

The pharmacy had 332 reviews when we checked. Out of these reviews, 86% of them had awarded them a 5-star rating, 6% had awarded them a 4-star rating. This shows that 92% of their customers were satisfied with the services that the online store offered them. The people who had an average experience were only 3% when those who had a bad experience were 4%. We have some of the reviews here:

Safe Generic Pharmacy User Testimonials

Safe Generic Pharmacy User Testimonials

Patricia says that she is so happy to have found Safe Generic Pharmacy. She has purchased from them several times and she has always had an excellent experience. The store sells high-quality products at reasonable prices. They always deliver her purchases exactly when they said they would. She highly recommends the pharmacy.

Edward says that this is his second order and he has received it in a week. He claims that Safe Generic Pharmacy has great customer service department and their products work 100%.

Safe Generic Pharmacy Reviews (source: https://www

Safe Generic Pharmacy Reviews (source:

Kathy says that she placed her order and it arrived after only 9 days. She found it easy to do business with Safe Generic Pharmacy. She will be recommending the pharmacy to all her friends who would like reasonably priced meds and a good customer service. Stephen says that he placed his order at Safe Generic Pharmacy and he was able to receive it after only 12 days.

The above reviews prove that the services that Safe Generic Pharmacy offers are outstanding. They have great prices, they have nice customer services, and they deliver the drugs on time.

Safe Generic Pharmacy Discount Code

We tried looking for any discount code that could be used at Safe Generic Pharmacy. We code not locate any coupon codes or promo codes. However, when we checked the pharmacy website, we noticed the following deals:

Safe Generic Pharmacy Offers

Safe Generic Pharmacy Offers

The store promised to offer their buyers a 10% discount. They have a 100% shopping assurance. They claimed that their website is safeguarded using Sucuri technology and SSL technology. When a buyer spends more than 249 dollars, he or she will be offered free shipment for the meds. The order would arrive in discreet packaging and they would make sure that it arrived at the doorstep. They claim that if you are not satisfied you can get a refund quite easily.

Safe Generic Pharmacy Viagra

The store has different versions of generic Viagra. The price for all these drugs is in the affordable range. One of the brands that they have is Cenforce which is manufactured by an Indian pharmaceutical company known as Centurion laboratories. This drug is available in different dosages. These are 100 mg, 150 mg, 120 mg, 50 mg, 200 mg, and 25 mg. The price of the drug is as follows:

Safe Generic Pharmacy Generic Viagra Price

Safe Generic Pharmacy Generic Viagra Price

90 tablets will cost you 78 dollars. This means that you will be paying 0.87 dollars for each pill. 120 tablets will cost you 101 dollars. This indicates a pill will cost you 0.84 dollars. 150 tablets will cost you 124 dollars. This means that a pill costs 0.83 dollars. The price of the drug is decreasing as you purchase more pills together.


From the evidence available in the reviews that we have already looked at, it is very clear that your meds will arrive safely from Safe Generic Pharmacy. They will arrive on time and you will be charged a price that you can afford. The store focuses on selling generic drugs and hence you can get some of their meds without a prescription. They offer you a chance to pay using credit cards. This tells you that you have the ability to dispute your charges if something goes wrong. In order to help our readers get cheap meds, we have established a catalog that contains the cheapest and top-rated online pharmacies. Use this list to avoid the thousands of rogue med stores waiting to steal from unsuspecting consumers.