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Pharmacy Reviewer Forums: Get Medical Advice Online from Real People

Pharmacy Reviewer Forums

Pharmacy Reviewer is a website which was established back in 2007. Their major goal is to provide a platform where real people can provide the experience that they had after using an online drugstore. The website contains both the ratings that users have given a certain online pharmacy and the rating that the editor has given the same pharmacy. They claim that they make buying medicines over the web as cheap as possible. They have a list of pharmacies that they recommend. These they have placed it in their top-rated list. They also have a list of blacklisted pharmacies. These are the pharmacies that they claim they have investigated and determined that they are rogue and only focus on ripping off customers and not offering any real value.

Apart from the pharmacy reviews section, pharmacy reviewer has another section that allows the user who register to discuss various issues. This is the forums section. The last time we checked this forum, they had 59,963 members, they had a total of 887,117 posts and 48,956 threads. The forum included different sections to enable the users to follow the topics of their interest easily. The topics that were included include an online pharmacies topic, quality control forum, finding a good doctor and any other topics related to dealing with insurance issues, Miscellaneous forums, health issues and medicines forum, and an off-topic forum.

Pharmacy Reviewer Seized

As we were doing our research on this website we noticed that their domain had been seized by the DEA at some point. This is evident in this message that we found on Reddit:

Pharmacy Reviewer Seized

Pharmacy Reviewer Seized

According to the above Redditor, pharmacy reviewer’s domain had been seized by the ICE for counterfeit goods. The site had been seized on 15th March 2017. The Redditor claims that he had always found the site to be a fantastic resource. There were other messages on the discussion with the Redditors supporting the first one saying that they had also noticed the seizure:

Pharmacy Reviewer Domain Seized

Pharmacy Reviewer Domain Seized

According to the first Redditor to reply, it was unclear as to what was counterfeit. The second replier was about to log in when he found out that the site had been seized. The Redditor wanted to know whether there was another website that offered services which were similar to what pharmacy reviewer forums offered. The last Redditor claims that the pharmacy reviewer had finally managed to move to a new domain.

From the above comments about the seizure of pharmacy reviewer website, it is very clear that the site was a great resource for a lot of people. The Redditors claim that it was a good resource. They were also looking to find another site that would offer similar services. However, the last Redditor claims that the site had moved to a new domain.

Reliable Online Pharmacy Reviews

Reliable reviews for online drug stores play an important role when it comes to helping users determine whether a website is a real drugstore or just a website that is looking to steal from its users. The first thing that you need to know is that you should avoid trusting the reviews that you only find in the pharmacies website. Most of the rogue online pharmacies have realized that testimonials are an important part of getting new clients. For this reason, these stores will craft their own enticing reviews, create a testimonials page, and place these reviews there. These types of reviews are created in order to try and sway your decision.

The best and reliable reviews are usually posted by real customers. These are the types of reviews that you find on independent sites that focus on collecting reviews. When a reviewer posts a review on such a site, the online pharmacy does not get a chance to doctor it. Thus, you get the whole truth. The other place where you will be able to get reliable online pharmacy reviews is in forums. The pharmacy reviewer forums are a great example.

Before buying anything online, ensure that you can see positive and reliable reviews. We have investigated online pharmacies and determined the ones which have reliable reviews. These stores provide the best customer service, great price, and offer you great products. We have added these pharmacies to our top-rated list. Use this list and you will always be safe when ordering drugs online.

Indian Pharmacy Reviews

Some of the Indian pharmacies do offer very awesome services. They offer great products, timely delivery services, and they offer great customer support services. We were able to locate some reviews for Indian pharmacies. The following are the reviews:

Indian Pharmacy Reviews (Source: https://www

Indian Pharmacy Reviews (Source:

Mysia says that the items that she ordered arrived within a few weeks. She got emails from the Indian pharmacy the whole time updating her on the status of her order. She had no issues with paying using Epay. Deborah has been ordering her drugs for years from the Indian pharmacy and she has never been disappointed.

As you can see in the above reviews, there are some Indian pharmacies which offer awesome services and products. However, we don’t want you to think that all Indian drug stores offer great services. Some are rogue. They will steal your money and even your credit card details and sell them. This is why you should only order from the pharmacies that we have verified of their ingenuity and placed on our highly-rated list.


Pharmacy reviewer has been in operation for one decade. This website was established back in 2007 and it focuses on reviewing pharmacies. They have a forum where they allow the registered members to discuss various issues. We have been using a lot of our time to investigate drug stores. We publish the sites that we determine to be safe on our top-rated list. This list will help you avoid the scam sites which steal money, siphon credit card data, and even sell your details.