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No Prescription Pharmacys – Purchase Meds Right Away Without Delays

No Prescription Pharmacys – Purchase Meds Right Away Without Delays

There is no doubt that prescriptions are important and in some degree necessary when purchasing medicines. Of course, people are going to need to consult doctors or healthcare professionals first for them to know the status of their health. The doctors will then give them a proper diagnosis of the condition that they are experiencing and recommend a certain medicine for them to use. And for the patients to be able to purchase those medicines, their physicians will be giving them prescriptions that they will take to the local pharmacies for their needed meds to be dispensed. But for the consultation and the prescription, the customers are going to have to pay their doctors their professional fees or if they have health insurance, it will cover for the fees but still from their own pockets.

So to help customers with this dilemma, online pharmacies have eliminated the need for the customers to provide prescriptions when they purchase their meds from them. At local pharmacies, it’s still a requirement and this additional cost plus the expensive prices of the medicines are just very heavy burdens that the customers have to bear. But not anymore, customers no longer have to put up with this kind of liability as prescriptions are no longer a requirement. They can freely get their prescription meds at online pharmacies and buy as much as they need, saving extra money.

But this is not the only benefit that the customers can get from online pharmacies because there are still a lot more for them. Aside from the fact that prescriptions are not required by them, the medicines that they sell are so much cheaper than what’s offered by the local stores. Buyers will be shocked at how cheap their prescription drugs can be at online pharmacies because they have a complete assortment of generic versions to the pricey meds locally. Customers can save for as much 80% of the money that they spend at local stores while still getting the same effects and results that are given by the brand-name drugs.

Generic medicines are the specialty of most online pharmacies which are naturally cheaper than the branded prescription drugs but are equally effective. These medicines are also approved by the FDA and are on par with their branded counterparts. Using generics and using branded medicines are no different from each other. Since they use the same active ingredients, users will simply get the same results. These drugs are cheaper because they are just reproduced versions of the original drug. Their production costs are not that expensive, enabling their manufacturers to sell them at really low prices. These are the meds that the online pharmacies promote to their customers to give them the opportunity for bigger savings.

Aside from asking no prescriptions from customers and providing them effective and low priced medicines, online pharmacies also offer different kinds of discounts for their clients to benefit from. From various kinds of special offers, limited time bundles, and promo packs, they also offer returning customer discounts, bulk purchase discounts and free shipping of orders. Online pharmacies also give away freebies to their customers in form of additional pills to their purchased medicines.

Not Recommended Sites – National Association of Boards of Pharmacy

To save customers from the growing number of scam pharmacies that threaten their safety online, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) has initiated a crackdown on the websites that claim to be legitimate but have failed the tests and standards that have been set by the agency. The NABP has a long list of requirements that the pharmacies should adhere to and follow and this is all for the sake of the customers that buy from them.


Many unsuspecting people have already fallen victim to counterfeit pharmacy websites and had their bank accounts sucked dry by the fraudsters behind the scenes. To prevent further incidents such as this, the NABP have gathered a very long list of domain names that the customers should avoid since they have already been proven as fake drugstores. These sites are already being shut down one by one but since there are new ones that are being made every day, customers should always check the list for updates.

How to Buy Medicines Safely from an Online Pharmacy

Aside from NABP’s list, customers should also do their own research on the pharmacy website that they plan to purchase from. It always pays to be cautious to avoid becoming victims to the fraudsters on the web. Even if a customer has already decided to buy from a certain online pharmacy, they should only use fixed-amount credit cards for safety reasons. In this way, customers will still be able to limit their losses if it turns out that the site that they have bought from is a fraud.

Customers should also use the help provided by fraud-checking websites to easily identify which websites to trust and the ones to avoid.

Scam Adviser

Scam Adviser

Fraud-checking websites like Legit Script and Scam Adviser can give them the complete background information of the site that they want to check, allowing them to know immediately if they should be trusted.

Canadian Pharmacy No Prescription Cialis

Cialis 20 mg by Online Pills Pharmacy

Cialis 20 mg by Online Pills Pharmacy

Canadian pharmacies are the most popular pharmacies online because of their great customer service and good prices. Cialis is an erectile dysfunction (ED) drug that is included on their bestsellers list and it is a prescription drug. But even if it is, Online Pills Pharmacy doesn’t require its buyers to provide prescriptions when purchasing Cialis for under $2 per pill. They can select the quantity that they desire and proceed to the checkout page and pay for their orders with no hassles.


Online pharmacies are the pharmacies that no longer require their customers to have prescriptions when they purchase their medicines. Buyers can just purchase their meds right away without any delays. Aside from this benefit, online pharmacies also offer great discounts, FDA-approved products, and lots of freebies that the customers can enjoy. For a complete list of online pharmacies that customers can trust, check our list of top recommended pharmacies.