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Meds or also known as Medical OnLine is an online medical information service that provides consumers and healthcare professionals alike with a place to readily obtain useful medical information at any given time. The information that it offers on its website, though extensive, is not 100% complete that’s why its site also serves as a gateway for accessing other health info services on the web. go way back to the year 1995 where it was first launched, becoming among the earliest medical reference sites that can be accessed on the internet.

Medical OnLine has already reached millions of people around the world with the healthcare education that it provides. It has all the necessary tools on its website to provide the doctors, students, and patients with the information that they need. As a multimedia website, Medical OnLine does not only use text and images for its learning materials but also uses audio and video files to make it easier for the people to learn about various medical topics that its site discusses.

Currently,’s medical information libraries only provide learning materials about oncology (cancer), HIV/AIDS and hepatitis. The areas of study that it offers are limited at the moment but it intends to branch out to other fields of medical study involving diseases such as diabetes, heart/cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), dermatological diseases, and others. It also expresses its intention to tackle studies about depression, pain management, other sexually transmitted diseases, and many more.

The learning programs that Medical OnLine presently offers include immunotherapy which branches into other studies related to monoclonal antibodies, tumor immunology, cytokines, cancer therapies, and different vaccine approaches for cancer. Comprehensive studies about HIV/AIDS and its optimal management which involves its prevention, diagnosis and treatment is also offered on its website. Among its learning programs, users will also be able to access its hepatitis learning center where in-depth information about hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C is being discussed and can be used by both healthcare professionals and patients. Colon cancer and acute myelogenous leukemia also have available learning programs where various treatment approaches and chemotherapy is discussed.

Aside from the available learning programs for cancer, hepatitis, and HIV, also have other features on its website. Through its site, people will be able to access the Consumer Cancer Treatment Forum where members will be able to communicate with their other fellow members about cancer. It is an unmoderated cancer discussion group where anyone can ask questions and receive responses from other members on cancer-related topics. One of its useful features is the DoseCalc Online, an online tool that can be accessed by oncology professionals for a fully-referenced database of over 120 chemotherapy regimens with an online chemotherapy drug dosage calculator. The professionals simply need to fill out the boxes with their patient’s height and weight for the software to calculate their individual drug dosages for their specific chemotherapeutic protocol.

Users also have free access to its other resources such as the Daily Medical News Digest which are about the latest news for oncology and hematology. Its site also contains a free Medline Search for medical journals from the database of Medicine PubMed service. To keep the users updated with the latest about cancer studies, treatments, and others, CancerLinks can also be accessed from its website. CancerLinks is the online place for the frequently-updated list of cancer and oncology services on the web and also has direct feeds from the US cancer centers. – Prescription Drug Information, Interactions & Side Effects

Drugs Website is the site with the most comprehensive database both for prescription and patient information. Its site has complete and accurate information on more than 23,000 different drugs along with everything that a patient must know about them. The drugs on its site are arranged by the health condition that they’re used for and are also arranged by their drug class. An alphabetical arrangement is also ready just in case customers would want to search their drugs manually by their first letters. But for customers who need to get to their meds quickly, a search box is available for their use.

When we say comprehensive, the information that holds for medicines is indeed comprehensive. is the best reference on the internet for medicines since it has all the important information for all drugs which are complete with all the instructions on how to use them. It does not only contain the instructions for handling and use but also the dosage guides, side effects, drug interactions, related medicines, user reviews, pregnancy warnings, support group Q & A’s, and useful videos about the drugs. Medication Guide on the App Store

Drugs Mobile App

To enable the customers to fully utilize its features on-the-go, has made itself available as an application that can be downloaded on mobile devices. In this way, customers would no longer have to use internet browsers to access its site but they can simply use the app that has all the features of condensed into a mobile program. This medication guide is linked to the database of, enabling them to access all the information that they need for their drugs.

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Pharmacy Mall

Summary is an online medical information site that helps customers learn more about diseases like HIV and cancer and help them learn about its various treatments. It provides various learning programs for both healthcare professionals and patients, educating both parties in understanding different health conditions. Various treatment drugs are also discussed on its site for the patients to learn about. But for purchasing medicines online, customers can refer to our top list of recommended pharmacies.