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After being in business for over 17 years and serving over seven million customers, Canada Drugs, a pharmaceutical drugs seller located in Canada has remained the easiest company that anyone can reach out to and get his or her questions answered. On their contact page, they claim that they would like to hear from anyone of their customers at any time. Despite having [email protected] as their email address, Canada Drugs also has a toll-free number, an international phone number for which only long-distance charges will apply, and another TTY service that works for those who are hearing impaired.

Canada Drugs Contact Page

They claim that they offer their services for 24 hours seven days a week basis. This online drug seller has invested in an automated attendant. This means that if you call when there is no one is in the office, the automated attendant will record the message and schedule a call back during the pharmacy operating hours. Although the details on their contact page showed that the pharmacy offered the best services, we decided to make sure that this was the reality by checking the user feedback.

Canada Drugs Reviews

It is easy to believe what you find written on an online pharmacy website. But, this is not always a good idea. This is because sometimes you may end up in a trap without your knowledge. The best way to confirm whether a pharmacy is talking the truth is by checking user testimonials. We have found some of these for the Canada Drugs to make things easier for you:

Canada Drugs User Feedback (source: https://www

Canada Drugs User Feedback (source:

Ila J. says that she has used Canada Drugs services for more than eight years. She feels that she gets the best services from them. The store has people who are nice to talk to and she gets all her questions answered in a polite and courteous manner. She thanks Canada Drugs for always being there for her.

Jerry G. says that he trusts Canada Drugs Ltd. He says that the drugs that he needs are always sent fast and he is not overcharged. He says that the US pharmacies cannot match the prices that Canada Drugs offers.

Canada Drugs Reviews (source: https://www

Canada Drugs Reviews (source:

Adele B. says that Canada Drugs service is very easy to use. The personnel is very friendly and knowledgeable. Her prescriptions are filled quickly and correctly. She likes the idea that Canada Drugs takes care of obtaining the refill request from the physician. Adele says that she would recommend Canada Drugs services without hesitation.

Barbara K. says that whenever she calls Canada Drugs, the person on the other end is very cordial and easy to understand. The customer service agent is always ready to help with the questions that she has and very informative. Her drugs arrive in a timely manner and they are always packaged very well. She is happy with Canada Drugs. She says that American drug stores cannot beat the prices offered by Canada Drugs.

The above comments prove that Canada Drugs does not lie on its claims about offering the best services. The above users say that they have always enjoyed the services that they have gotten. The last reviewer has claimed that when she calls Canada drugs all her questions are answered. This means that even when you use their email, [email protected], your queries will be taken care of.

Canada Drugs Prescription Meds

Canada Drugs has a wide list of prescription meds. They claim that they sell all these at a discount price that you cannot get anywhere else. Some of the prescription medications that you will get from Canada Drugs include the following:

Canada Drugs Prescription Meds List

Canada Drugs Prescription Meds List

Getting your prescription meds from Canada Drugs is very easy. All you have to do is to locate the drug that you would like to order and then place your order. For you to receive any prescription medication from Canada Drugs, you will have to submit a valid prescription. This pharmacy operates within the confines of the law and hence it will not refill illegal prescriptions.

It is easy to find the drug that you are looking for. They have an alphabet navigation system where you can navigate to your medication by using the letter of the alphabet that starts the drug’s name. You can also use the search bar to locate your drug. You can use mail order to order and receive your meds or you can opt for regular shipping. The medications will take a maximum of 28 days to arrive. You can pay for your drugs using a credit card. Paying using a credit card is the recommended method since you can easily get a refund if you don’t receive your order.

Canada Drugs Coupon Code

When we searched online, we were able to locate a large number of coupon codes which were dedicated to Canada Drugs. We have some of them here to serve as proof to you:

Canada Drugs Coupons

Canada Drugs Coupons

The first coupon allowed the buyer to save $5 on every order that he or she made that exceeded $10. The second coupon code allowed the buyers to save $25 on all their purchases. The third one will save you 25% on all the pharmacy products that you purchase. The last coupon will allow you to save 5%. This indicates that Canada Drugs cares much about how much their customers have to pay in order to access their drugs.


Canada Drugs is a pharmacy that has been known to offer great communication to their buyers. Whether you are looking for advice, you have questions or you are just looking for guidance on how to refill your prescriptions, Canada drugs will offer all the help that you need. This they do through the phone, the email, and their fax. The company also offers cheap medications that treat the majority of the diseases that affect people.

We have been investigating online pharmacies for many years now. The process that we use to investigate these pharmacies ensures that without any doubt, the pharmacy that we approve as being legitimate will always deliver what patients order. The best pharmacies that not only offer great prices but also great delivery services can be found on our top-rated providers list.