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Heal Pharmacy – A Reliable Pharmacy Site That Delivers Quality Meds

Heal Pharmacy – A Reliable Pharmacy Site That Delivers Quality Meds

Heal Pharmacy is an online drugstore that offers a wide range of prescription meds, over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, and supplements. has already been in the business of selling medications for 9 years and continues to deliver quality products at very affordable prices. Though it also sells branded medicines, it specializes in selling generic drugs which has the exact same effects but much cheaper costs.

Its top-selling products are the medicines that are used for the treatment of a health condition in males known as erectile dysfunction (ED). They have a large assortment of products for ED, 26 different medicine brands for customers to choose from. Only three of these 26 brands are brand-name ED drugs namely; Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. The rest of the 23 other brands are effective generic versions and variants of these three which has the same active ingredients, giving the exact same benefits. A good 90% of its bestselling products are made up of meds that are used for male sexual health and the remaining 10% are for other meds which are used for conditions such as hypertension, pattern baldness, and others.

All in all, there is a total of 27 different medicine categories where customers can find the medicines that they need. These categories are quite diverse and even including cancer meds, penis enlargement, gastrointestinal medications, birth control pills, weight loss, women’s health, and many more. Customers can be assured of the quality of the drugs that is sold by Heal Pharmacy because all of them are FDA-approved.

Novartis, GSK, and Abbott

Novartis, GSK, and Abbott

These drugs are also sourced only from reliable pharma companies such as Novartis, GSK, and Abbott. The other pharma corporations that provide the drugs sold by Heal Pharmacy are Cipla and Ranbaxy, multinational Indian companies that are Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified and has operations in different parts of the world.

The prices that they have for their medicines are cheap because of the simple fact that they have these manufacturers as their direct suppliers. They are able to get the medicines directly from the manufacturing plants and not from distributors, thus the reason for the low prices. Without any markups from secondary sources, Heal Pharmacy is able to sell their meds at factory price, prices that are much cheaper than the products sold by local drugstores.

Heal Pharmacy Review by Patients

Heal Pharmacy Review Submission Form

Heal Pharmacy Review Submission Form

Unfortunately, there are no available reviews coming from customers who have purchased their meds at Heal Pharmacy. We can only speculate as to the reasons why but without any customer reviews, there’s no sure way to know if the service or the products that they provide are as what they say. Due to this lack of review for Heal Pharmacy, the information that the buyers can gather about the site’s reliability is limited.

For customers who need help with anything concerning their site or their products, Heal Pharmacy can be contacted through its toll-free hotlines. The support operators on their site work 24 hours a day and 6 days a week to answer all the queries that the customers may have. Sundays and public holidays are not included in these occasions but customers can send offline messages that will be catered to once the business days have resumed. For customers who don’t have a phone, they can use the chat lines where chat representatives will be providing them assistance with any of their concerns. For customers who prefer to send more detailed concerns or simply send in suggestions, Heal Pharmacy can also be contacted through email where the email support team will be providing them a similarly detailed and helpful response. Clients who have concerns with the customer service team are also free to send an email directly to the management team where their concerns will be properly addressed.

Heal Pharmacy Discount Code

Customers of Heal Pharmacy can enjoy great discounts with their purchases by using the discount codes that they provide. These codes are not available from outside websites but can only be obtained through Heal Pharmacy. Before customers are able to purchase from them, Heal Pharmacy requires the customers to register an account for them to receive special offers and promotions through email. These discount coupon codes are periodically sent based on the past purchases made by the customers or the current promotions that Heal Pharmacy has.

But for buyers who need a discount code right away, they can contact the customer support team through chat, phone, or email for the latest offers that are available to them. Once they receive a discount code, they will be able to use it by putting it in the field where it’s required at the checkout page. Once these codes are applied, the total amount of their purchases will be discounted.

Sun Drugstore

Sun Drugstore is another pharmacy site where customers can purchase effective meds for low prices. Like Heal Pharmacy, it also has a great range of medicines that the customers can choose from. Though it has a lot of other meds for sale, a great part of its resources are dedicated to selling generic ED medication. Buyers can select from its list of erectile dysfunction meds where hard-pill forms are not the only ones offered. They also have generic ED meds that are in chewable tablet forms, oral jellies, and sublingual pills that has a faster onset of effect compared to the standard ED pills. If the ED pill Viagra needs at least 45 minutes to 1 hour before taking effect, these variants only need 10 to 15 minutes.

Sun Drugstore also have a reliable customer service hotline where customers can call if they have any questions. It’s also a drugstore with FDA-approved products and it also ships orders to anywhere in the world.

Cheapest Place to Buy Viagra

Viagra 100 mg

Viagra 100 mg

Though it may not be possible to identify where the cheapest Viagra is sold due to the great number of online pharmacies on the web, what’s important is the reliability of the store. Generic Viagra is an affordable medicine which has the same effects as the branded one and it can be purchased on most pharmacy sites at prices below $1 for each pill. If purchased in great quantities, buyers can even get them for only $0.27 USD per tablet.


Heal Pharmacy is a reliable pharmacy site that delivers quality meds to its customers at very friendly prices. All of its products are safe and effective for use and has been approved by the FDA. Its bestsellers are the meds for ED treatment and all of them can be bought at cheap costs. It also has an excellent customer support system that’s always ready to assist its customers. But there are no customer reviews available for this pharmacy site, leaving new customers in the dark concerning its reliability. For buyers who are looking for tested and trusted online pharmacy sites, check out our top list of recommended pharmacies.