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Grinh – Secure and Legitimate Pharmacy Site

Grinh – Secure and Legitimate Pharmacy Site

Grinh is a pharmacy website that sells a wide range of medicines to customers at very low costs. Its selection of pharmaceutical products is quite extensive, covering a lot of medicine categories for various kinds of health conditions. Like local pharmacies, the products that it sells are only the ones that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the safety of its customers. It is a pharmacy that prioritizes its customer’s wellness and all of its products are sourced only from reputable international drug manufacturers that are certified with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Customers can literally find whatever medicine they may be looking for as Grinh provides pharmaceutical products ranging from allergy treatment meds up to weight loss and Women’s health. All these categories are complete with the branded meds along with their generic versions and variants to give customers more options in choosing their drugs. The advantage that Grinh gives to its customers is the great savings that they will get since its products are literally cheaper than what the local drugstores have. Its assortment is exactly the same as what the local pharmacies have but buyers can save for up to 70% of the money that they spend when they go with Grinh. This is because it specializes in selling generic medicines which has much lower prices compared to the brand-name drugs which the local stores promote. But in using generics, people will just get the exact same benefits and effects since generic medicines are made with the same ingredients and active components as their branded counterparts.

In visiting its website, customers will immediately notice the bestsellers section which is on the front page and the drugs that are on the top of the list are erectile dysfunction (ED) pills. These pills are used by men with ED to help them get erections, making them capable of having sex. Although Grinh sells branded Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis pills, the three most popular meds for ED, the ones that are bought by most clients are the generic versions of these pills.

Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra

Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra

This is due to the similar results that they get in using the generics with a cheaper price tag than the branded ED drugs. For a small price of $0.27 USD, customers can already purchase a single pill of generic Viagra 100 mg. Generic Cialis only costs $0.68 USD per pill and generic Levitra is for $1 USD and it’s quite easy to understand why they are the bestsellers.

On top of the cheap prices that it has for its meds, Grinh also offers its customers various discounts to take advantage of. Buyers have the opportunity of saving hundreds of dollars when they purchase medicines in large quantities because Grinh offers bulk purchase discounts. The more pills they purchase, the cheaper the pills get. Customers can also benefit from the returning customer discounts that Grinh offers which gives the buyers accumulating discounts every time they return to purchase. Grinh also offers other benefits like free additional pills that come with every purchase and free shipping of orders. Review by Customers

Below are some of the customer reviews from the website of itself and so far they provide excellent insight regarding its services and other features:

Grinh Customer Reviews

A customer named David from Germany ordered his meds from and he received them on time. Grinh takes the delivery of its customer’s orders seriously making sure that they arrive intact and right on time. David also mentions that the pills that he has ordered work great though he had made no specifications as to what those pills are.

The next review was also from a customer from Germany whose name is Michael. What caught his attention was the low prices that Grinh has for its products. He has done his own research, navigating and browsing other online pharmacies and found out that this one is the best when it comes to prices and the quality of products. Michael has also proven Grinh to be reliable since he has already made four orders and received them all without any delays. It is likely that Michael has selected the faster option for shipping his orders and that option is the express mail service (EMS) which only takes 5 to 8 days of waiting time. The other shipping option offered by Grinh is the standard airmail which takes 14 to 21 days of waiting for the customer. Both shipping option has fees and the standard airmail is cheaper.

Is Genpills Legit?

Genpills is another online pharmacy like Grinh but this one doesn’t have many good reviews on the internet. It is possible that this site is a scam since there is an overwhelming number of negative reviews under its name. Its legitimacy is still in question and many customers complain that they have been scammed. The payment has already been deducted from their accounts but no product has arrived. Almost all of the complains are of the same thing, customers getting charged and they receive nothing. It would be wise for potential customers to stay away from Genpills to avoid experiencing the same fate that was experienced by others before them.

Scam Check for Is Legit? is a safe website because unlike the scam ones, this site is verified by the internet as a secure internet pharmacy. It uses SSL certificates to protect the customer’s personal and card info by encrypting them, making these details inaccessible to third parties. Grinh also keeps all the information provided by customers confidential to protect their privacy. Customers will notice the padlock icon and the HTTPS before its domain name. This is the sign that the site is safe to use, using uncrackable security measures for the buyer’s protection.


Grinh is a secure and legitimate pharmacy site that offers a wide range of pharmaceutical products to customers at very affordable prices. All of its products are safe for use and FDA-approved, sourced only from the most trusted pharma companies around the world. Its bestsellers are affordable pills for ED treatment and it also offers more savings to customers through various discounts. For a list of trusted online pharmacies to get meds from, check our top recommended pharmacies.