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Chest pain symptoms and signs

Chest pain is something which is faced by everyone at some pint of time. From children to senior citizens chest pain is experienced by all. Now how can we differentiate whether a chest pain is just a normal one which occurs due to gas or a major chest pain leading to heart attack? Researchers state that one of the major reasons of chest pain is due to Atherosclerosis. In this the arteries get blocked due to fats, minerals and cholesterol. They basically stick on the walls of the arteries causing blockage. Due to the blockage specific amount of blood and oxygen does not reach the heart causing the death of the tissues present inside the heart.

As mentioned earlier any person can experience pain in chest at any point of time and before experiencing the pain there are some symptoms that notify the patient that he is going to experience pain in chest leading to heart attack. Chest pain symptoms and signs are many so lets us see the most common ones. The first symptom would be breathlessness and discomfort in the chest area.

A person experiencing chest pain feels the pain in his or her chest very severely. The pain is compared to tightening and squeezing of chest. The person sweats severely when he experiences chest ache. The moment for the patient is so uneasy that he does not understand what to do. He stands totally helpless.  These were some symptoms apart from these the person feels giddy and feels nausea.  It is seen that heart attack is more prone to women than men and also they do not survive for much time after experiencing chest pain i.e. mild heart attack.

A person who has faced chest pain a lot of time must not sit idle at home but find a good doctor and get himself checked. Because you never know which disease will encounter you when. There is no doubt that a chest pain can occur frequently stay for a while and go. Those are mild ones and might have diverse factors for its cause. But major chest pains must not be neglected. Aspirin medicine if taken while experiencing chest pain helps in can help in reducing the pain. Also as the medicine does not have any other side effect patients can take it without the prescription of the doctor.

Now that you know very well about chest pain signs and symptoms make sure you approach a good doctor when you experience the above mentioned symptoms.