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CanadianPharmacyKing: Does the Pharmacy Sell Genuine Meds?


Canadian Pharmacy King was established in Vancouver Canada back in 2003. They have been operational for exactly one decade and a half. Over this time, the store has managed to get recognition from CIPA and Pharmacy Checker. The store distributes both generic and brand name drugs. The store also accepts prescription refills orders. These have to be accompanied by a valid doctor prescription script. The store claims that they have invested in the customer support staff who have the ability to communicate using multiple languages. The store has been serving more than eighty thousand customers. Over the course of their operation, they have managed to refill more than one hundred and fifty thousand orders.

They claim that they have more than 1000 prescription and over the counter medications in their drugstore. They claim that they offer men and women a chance to save more than 85% of their money. We got all this information on their website. This may be true, but, to get true information about a pharmacy, you need to check their reviews.

CanadianPharmacyKing.Com Reviews

We were able to locate profile on Pharmacy Checker. There were numerous reviews left behind by their previous customers. Here are some of these reviews:

CanadianPharmacyKing User Testimonial (source:

The first reviewer claims that some of the people working at are making them an unsatisfactory pharmacy. He claims that his prescriptions were held for seven days before they contacted him to tell him that they needed a new prescription. The reviewer claims that it took his medication more than a month before it arrived. He says that they have a poor customer service and the management does not value their customers.

The second reviewer seems to disagree with the first reviewer. He claims that the customer service is great. His drugs arrived after about two weeks. The prices were good and the reordering was easy for him. Howard had made his third order when he was writing the above review. He claims that he will continue ordering.

The third reviewer says that he is a first-time customer. He is very satisfied with the whole transaction. The products arrived as promised and he was able to save 70%. He wishes that he had found the pharmacy years ago. Everyone he spoke with on the phone was experienced.

Sake Sushi says that she faxed her Rx to and waited to hear from the pharmacy. She says that she got hung up on twice and she even found that their mailbox was full. She says that the pharmacy is not well managed.

The last reviewer says that she finally started ordering her meds from after finding out that her generic medication had gone from 25 dollars per month to 200 dollars without any explanation in her local drugstore. She began a search online and she confirmed that was a registered pharmacy. She verified that the product that she would receive would be genuine. She got a nice price and her meds arrived earlier than she expected.

From the reviews that we have found online, the majority of the customers are satisfied. Those who are not satisfied claim that the customer department is the issue. However, everyone agrees that they were able to save money after purchasing their meds from

Canadian Pharmacy King Cialis

Cialis fixes men’s sex lives. It helps eliminate erectile dysfunction. The price for the drug in the local stores is 70 dollars a pill. At the you will find both the generic and brand Cialis. The price for the brand Cialis is as follows:

CanadianPharmacyKing Brand Cialis Price

8 pills of the brand Cialis from Canada will cost you 225 dollars. This means a single pill costs $28.125. This is the same price for brand Cialis from the United Kingdom. Brand Cialis from Turkey is the cheapest. 32 pills will cost 425 dollars. This is the same as paying 13.28 dollars for a single pill. Even if you pay for the brand Cialis which originates from Canada or the United Kingdom which has the highest price, you still get to save 41.875 dollars which are equivalent to saving 59.82%. If you purchase the cheaper version from Turkey, you save 81.03%. The generic Cialis has the following price:

CanadianPharmacyKing Generic Cialis Price

Generic Cialis from Canada is the most expensive. 32 pills cost 139 dollars. This is the same as paying 4.34 per pill. Tadalis which originates from Ajanta pharma which is located in India costs 75 dollars for 32 tablets. This means that a single pill will cost 2.34 dollars. Tadacip from Cipla costs 50 dollars for 24 tablets. This is the same as paying 2.08 dollar for a pill. Both generic and brand Cialis will function the same way. This means that if you are on a budget, generic Cialis is a better choice.

Canadian Pharmacy King Phone Number

We were able to locate all the contact information for on their contact page. Their telephone number is 1-877-745-9217. They have a fax number which is 1-866-204-1568. Their email address is [email protected] The times when you will be able to receive their services is between 5:30 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays. On weekends, they will be able to offer you the services that you need between 7:00 am and 3:30 pm. This is the Pacific Standard Time.


There is enough evidence to prove that is a genuine store. The reviews that we have looked at prove that they deliver genuine drugs and their delivery is on time. There are some people who were complaining about the services offered by However, these complaints were few in comparison to the people who claimed that they always had a positive experience with We aim to help you pay the lowest prices for your drugs and receive genuine drugs. Our catalog has the top-rated pharmacies which sell the cheapest but genuine drugs. Don’t use random online stores. If you use random stores you will be tricked and receive fake drugs or get your money stolen.