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Canadapharmacy is an online pharmacy that has been operating for quite a long time. They sell a large number of drugs. These include both prescription and non-prescription drugs. They have both brand name and generic drugs. They claim that they have the lowest price in comparison to all the other pharmacies which sell meds on the web. The store is open for 7 days each and every week. They have been certified by CIPA. They indicate that all the transactions that they handle are 100% protected. They use SSL technology to encrypt this data and hence ensuring that hackers don’t access it.

Their website is quite easy to navigate and use. Anyone can place their order with ease. The pharmacy boasts of more than 90,000 top-rated reviews. Every time you refer your friends to get their meds from, you will receive a referral bonus worth 50 dollars. The medications that they sell are sourced from trusted pharmacies located in Canada and others which are found outside Canada. Since its establishment back in 2001, has managed to serve over 500,000 people from all over the globe. The pharmacy stocks both human meds and pet medications. You can easily reach their customer support department using their toll-free number which is 1-800-891-0844. Their toll-free fax is 1-800-883-6005. Their call center is always open from 8:00 am to midnight (EST) seven days every week. When you are buying your drugs from this pharmacy, you will enjoy free shipping on all your medications. Reviews

The pharmacy had numerous positive reviews on their website. The number of reviews that they had amounted to over 90,000. We decided to find reviews left by reviewers on an external website. Sometimes, when rogue pharmacies have access to their reviews, they will modify them in order to trick potential buyers. This is the reason which made us use external reviews in order to make sure Canada Pharmacy is legit.

CanadaPharmacy User Testimonials

Suzy says that she has had an awesome experience with anyone that she has dealt with. Everyone has been both kind and helpful. She regrets the fact that the services she gets from are not available in the United States. She says that she will continue getting her meds from The second reviewer says that the staff was professional and they were also friendly. The order arrived and she did not have any issues. She will be using the pharmacy again in the future.

CanadaPharmacy User Testimonial (source:

The above reviewer is happy with the service she received. The pharmacy was easy to use and it was also accommodating. Everything she needed to know was explained well. She was even informed when she would receive her package. She is very satisfied.

There were some reviewers who had rated with three stars or less. However, the only common complaint that we noticed was that their meds took longer to arrive. They claim that their drugs took about 20 to 30 days to arrive. This is normal. The products eventually arrived and they were in good condition. All we can depict from the reviews is that takes care of their customers. Viagra

Viagra is a popular drug given the fact that more than 50% of men who are in intimate relationships suffer from erectile dysfunction. The brand Viagra is available in the local stores. The problem is its high price. A single pill requires the buyer to part with 70 dollars. The price for the brand Viagra is as follows at

CanadaPharmacy Brand Viagra Cost

The price for 32 tablets is 495 dollars. This means a pill costs 15.47 dollars. Thus, you will be saving 54.53. This is equivalent to saving 77.9%. The store also has generic versions of sildenafil citrate:

CanadaPharmacy Generic Viagra Price

The generic sildenafil citrate is cheaper. 40 tablets will cost you $249. This is the same as paying 6.225 dollars for a pill. Although this will allow you to save 91.1% of the money you would have paid in the local stores, this price is still too high. In our catalog, you will find Canadian pharmacies which offer cheaper prices for generic sildenafil citrate. The highest that you will pay for generic Viagra is 3.61 dollars. If you buy in bulk, you will have the ability to reduce the cost to $1.01. Coupon Codes

People usually search for coupon codes in order to enjoy lower prices while shopping online. These are in fact a huge reason why people choose to source their meds from a pharmacy. We searched online in order to see whether we could find any coupons, promo codes, or deals. We were able to find numerous deals and codes. Here are three of them:

CanadaPharmacy Deals

There are two coupon codes. The first is for anyone. It does not matter whether you are a repeat buyer or you have never bought from The code becomes eligible for use only after you have purchased drugs which have a value that exceeds 99 dollars. The second code cannot be used by repeat customers. It is for first-time buyers only. You will pay 5 dollars less on your total order. The final deal offers to save you from paying for your shipping. You will be able to enjoy lifetime medication shipping for free when you pay a one time cost of 50 dollars only.

Summary is a pharmacy that has been operating for more than 17 years. During this time they have filled prescriptions and sold over the counter drugs to more than 500000 people from the whole world. The pharmacy has nice reviews which show that they offer great services. The only problem is that their drugs are expensive. If you need to save the most and still receive genuine drugs, we recommend that you consider using the pharmacies available in our catalog. These pharmacies have been investigated by experts who have experience in how online pharmacies operate. When you are using these pharmacies, you will be able to avoid scammers. This will save your health and hard-earned cash.