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Canadadrugstop Review: Online Pharmacy with Many Negative Reviews

Canadadrugstop Review

Canada Drug Stop was established about a decade and half back in 2003. They claim that the reason as to why the online drugstore was established was because they needed to offer people a chance to reduce the price for their drugs. They claim that they enable people to save more than 90% of their money when they are acquiring their drugs from them. They indicate that they have served hundreds of thousands of customers from all over the globe. They do not specify the exact number of people they have helped acquire drugs at a cheaper price.

They indicate that their medications are sourced from both Canada and international centers which have been investigated and confirmed to offer quality services and drugs. Some of their international sources are located in Turkey, Mauritius, Australia, the US, the UK, and New Zealand. You can use their official website to place your order, you can order using a telephone, you can send them a mail, or you can use an email. The store is a member of both CIPA and IPABC (International Pharmacy Association of the British Columbia). They claim that their pharmacy offers their consumers 100% satisfaction.

Online Pharmacy Reviews

Everything on the Canada Drug Stop website is crafted in such a way that it will make you believe that they will offer you the best services. However, believing everything that you see on a pharmacy website is not the best thing that you should do when you are trying to determine whether a pharmacy is real or fake. Reviews work better. Canada Drug Stop had a profile on Pharmacy Checker. We decided to check for their reviews here. Here are some of the reviews that we found:

Canada Drug Stop Testimonials (source: https://www

Canada Drug Stop Testimonials

Stephen claims that he started using Canada Drug Stop over a year ago and he entrusted them with possession of his prescriptions. He had to fill and refill with the pharmacy or have to deal with going through the trouble of switching. His first two batches went really well. Then, all of sudden, things started going wrong. He stopped using them after his wife asked him to.

The second reviewer says that they informed him that his prescription of folic acid would be delayed and they did not have a promise date when the drug would arrive. They even informed him that he could cancel his order if he wanted to. The man says that he canceled the order. They did not care about him.

The third reviewer claims that he has been getting his Viagra from Canada Drug Stop for a few months and the prices are great. The shipping is just like they have stated in their policy and his Viagra is sourced from Turkey. It works just like the one he gets in the USA.

The fourth reviewer claims that he has been using Canada Drug Stop for a couple of years without issue. However, last year they sent a faulty batch of medication that appeared to be a placebo. The product was an inhaler used for Asthma. He called to tell them that the batch was ineffective and obviously bad. The user called GlaxoSmithKline and they confirmed that they don’t sell to online pharmacies. He says that Canada Drug Stop is selling defective drugs which are possibly dangerous.

The majority of the reviews available online for Canada Drug Stop are negative. Many of the reviewers claim that they received great services in the beginning but that usually ends up declining. One consumer has even confirmed that they sent him a defective product. Therefore, you should be careful if you intend to use Canada Drug Stop.

Canada Drug Stop Viagra

The pharmacy had both brand and generic Viagra. This drug which helps men regain their potency for a period of about 4 to 6 hours after they ingest it is very expensive in the local stores. This is the reason people prefer to obtain it online. The price for the drug at Canada Drug Stop is as follows:

Canada Drug Stop Brand Viagra Cost

Canada Drug Stop Brand Viagra Cost

The price for the most costly pill is 16.25 dollars. This is the price you pay when you buy the smallest package that has 4 pills in it. When you increase the number of pills, the price reduces. The price is the lowest when you buy the 48 pills package. You get a pill at only 8.81 dollars.

Canada Drug Stop Generic Viagra Cost

Canada Drug Stop Generic Viagra Cost

The price for generic Viagra is the highest at Canada Drug Stop if you buy a package that has only 4 pills in it. It will cost you 10 dollars per pill. When you purchase 40 pills, you pay $3.1 per pill. The pharmacy has a beat price button which you can use when you find a cheap price on another website. They offer to beat that price and offer you a discount.

Canada Drug Stop Phone Number

You can reach out to the Canada Drug Stop support department through four ways. These are the phone, the email, their fax, and you can send a mail to their headquarter. Their toll-free telephone number is 1-877-210-3784. Their toll-free fax is 1-877-210-3777. Their email is [email protected] Their mailing address is, PO Box 97176, Richmond Main Post Office, Richmond, BC Canada V6Y 4H4. You can also use a contact form on their website to send them an email.


We would not recommend the use of Canada Drug Stop to order your medication. The pharmacy proves to be useful in the beginning but they will end up betraying your trust. This can be confirmed in the reviews that we have already looked at. We have better pharmacies which will offer you all the services that you need for as long as you need them. The stores in our catalog will always deliver your drugs on time and they will have a customer support department that will keep you updated all the time. Using random online pharmacies is not good because you won’t be able to distinguish scammers from real stores.