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Big Mountain Pharmacy: A Genuine Canadian Pharmacy

Big Mountain Pharmacy

Big Mountain Pharmacy has been operational for more than a decade and a half. They have managed to get accreditation from both CIPA and pharmacy checker. The store claims that they will offer you the ability to save at least 50% on your meds in comparison with the price that local pharmacies in the United States usually offer. The savings can go as high as 90%. They claim that the meds they offer are usually dispensed from a pharmacy located near Vancouver, British Columbia. According to their about page, their mission is to provide reliable, safe, and inexpensive medications to their valued consumers.

The medications they dispense to their international consumers are from their licensed international dispensing centers. They claim that they specialize in speedy and secure mail orders for customers who are looking to purchase discount prescription medication from leading international brand manufacturers. For prescription meds to be dispensed from Big Mountain Pharmacy, you need to have a valid prescription script from your doctor. On top of the pharmacy being a member of pharmacy checker and CIPA, they are also a member of the International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia (IPABC). If you are looking to connect with their customer support department, you can use a toll-free telephone number which is 1.877.223.9977. Their toll-free fax is 1.877.253.9977. Their email is [email protected] The accepted payment methods are MasterCard, Visa, and Check.

Big Mountain Pharmacy Reviews

The majority of the reviews that we found online were positive. We were able to find these reviews on different channels including the pharmacy checker website, the better business bureau (BBB) website and other websites. The following are some of the reviews:

Big Mountain Pharmacy Reviews (source: https://www

Big Mountain Pharmacy Reviews (source:

The first customer says that she has been using Big Mountain Pharmacy for several years and she has had no problems with all her orders. She always orders by phone and the drugs reach her within a period of 4 to 6 weeks. They have never lost any of her prescriptions.

The second consumer says that he has been using Big Mountain Pharmacy for years and he has never had any problem. The correct medication arrives promptly every time and it is in a sealed bottle from the manufacturer. Their staff is courteous and professional. The price is reasonable. They always call him to remind him to refill his prescriptions. The reviewer is happy with the services that Big Mountain Pharmacy offers.

The final reviewer indicates that he is on his second prescription for generic Viagra. He is pleased. The prescription comes from Cipla in India. Although his order took several weeks before it arrived, it was on time. The prescription works better for him than the brand name drug and it costs him much less. The brand name costs 350 dollars for only 10 pills. He says that Big Mountain Pharmacy helps him have a less stressful encounter with his wife by reducing the costs. He has never had any issues with the customer support department. They verify the prescriptions and they even called him once when the date was unreadable and asked him to get another prescription script to them.

These reviews tell you that Big Mountain Pharmacy takes care of all their consumers. Everybody is recommending them. This tells you that you may get great services from the pharmacy.

Big Mountain Drugs Coupon

The first discount offer that we noticed was available on Big Mountain Pharmacy website. Thi, however,r did not apply to the first-time buyers. It would apply when you ordered from the store for a second time:

Big Mountain Pharmacy Discount

Big Mountain Pharmacy Discount

What happens is that when you ordered your medications as a repeat customer, you will only need to pay 95% of the price. You will receive a 5% discount. There were other coupons available on third-party websites. These are as follows:

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Big Mountain Pharmacy Coupons

The first coupon will allow you to save 10 dollars when the drugs that you have purchased are worth more than 100 dollars. The second code will let the buyer pay 95% by giving him or her a 5% discount. The third promo code is for you to get a 10 dollars discount. The above coupons can be used by anyone regardless of whether you are shopping for the first time at Big Mountain Pharmacy.

Big Mountain Drugs Cialis

Cialis is costly in the local stores. It usually requires buyers to pay more than 70 dollars for a pill. At this exorbitant price, only the people who are not on a budget will manage to use the drug. However, erectile dysfunction affects both people who are on a budget and those who are not. This is where online pharmacies such as Big Mountain Pharmacy comes in. Their price for the brand Cialis is as follows:

Big Mountain Pharmacy Brand Cialis Cost

Big Mountain Pharmacy Brand Cialis Cost

The Canadian and the UK Cialis is the most expensive. 8 pills will require you to pay 225 dollars which is equivalent to paying 28.125 dollars for each pill. The pill from Turkey is the cheapest. When you buy 8 pills, you pay $168. This means a pill is 21 dollars. The 32-pill package costs $439. This means a pill costs $13. 72.

Big Mountain Pharmacy Generic Cialis Cost

Big Mountain Pharmacy Generic Cialis Cost

The most expensive pill is from Canada. 32 pills will cost you 139 dollars which is the same as paying 4.34 for a pill. The pills from India are the cheapest. The pills from Ajanta will cost you 2.17 per pill when you buy the 64 pill package and $2.1 when you buy the 88-pill package. Cipla Cialis is cheap costing $1.86 per pill.


Big Mountain Pharmacy is a pharmacy that you can consider trusting. They have low prices as the prices for Cialis have shown and they have great reviews which show they offer great services. In our catalog, you will be able to find great Canadian pharmacies which will save you more than 90% of your money. To avoid pharmacies which steal from unsuspecting buyers, use this catalog.