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Best Mail Order Pharmacy: Avoid the Fake Pharmacies

Best Mail Order Pharmacy

More than 35000 pharmacy websites have already established their presence on the web. All these pharmacies claim that they will deliver genuine meds to the end user when you place your order. This can be confusing to someone who is trying to save some of his or her cash by ordering medications online for the first time. The online sites that claim to sell meds all look the same. Therefore, just looking at them will not help you in determining which one is genuine and which one is not. Speaking of ingenuity, less than 10% of the online drug stores are genuine.

There are programs available on the web which help in determining which web pharmacies are genuine and which ones are not. A good example is VIPPS. This is a program that was established back in 1999 by NABP. This program isolates the genuine stores from the rogue ones. VIPPS has a huge database that contains the not recommended pharmacies. When trying to figure out whether a pharmacy is among the best mail order pharmacies, this list can help you out. CIPA is another program that operates in Canada and regulates how the Canadian pharmacies operate. This program website allows people to check whether a pharmacy is genuine simply by entering its domain name in a search bar and clicking a search button.

Mail Order Pharmacy Reviews

There are genuine mail order pharmacies on the web. Many people who have already dealt with fake pharmacies may not believe this. In order to try and restore confidence in these men and women, we have searched for the reviews left behind for the best online pharmacies. Also, these reviews will let people who are new to ordering their meds on the web realize that there is a chance to save money when you are ordering your meds online.

Best Mail Order Pharmacy Reviews (source: https://www

Best Mail Order Pharmacy Reviews

The first customer says that he has been using a mail order pharmacy located in Canada for more than 15 years. He has always enjoyed doing business with these pharmacies. He placed a recent order online and he found it to be the best transaction that he has ever had all that time.

Paul says that he is a new online pharmacy patient and he was very concerned about the legitimacy of the non-USA mail-order pharmacies. After reading positive reviews on Pharmacy Checker, he decided to use one of these stores. The experience that he had was very excellent. His initial phone contact was great. The customer service rep was very respectful, knowledgeable and helpful. He got an immediate response after calling back. He was able to talk immediately to a pharmacist to get the technical details that he needed about his medication. He was concerned about giving his account details for payment but everything went just fine. His prescriptions were delivered within a period of 22 days.

The last reviewer claims that he has been using a mail order online pharmacy for six months. He has found the pharmacy to be both reliable and trustworthy. He has never had an issue with the store. His wife orders her meds from the same mail-order pharmacy. He recommends the use of a mail order pharmacy.

The reviews show that you can find a great mail order pharmacy on the web. The above reviews do not apply to every pharmacy. We have a special list of online mail order pharmacies in our catalog. These pharmacies provide the best services. Using these pharmacies to mail order your drugs will shield you from rogue stores.

Best Online Pharmacies

The best online pharmacies have the most positive reviews from their customers. They offer genuine medications and they deliver them on time. Their prices are competitive and they focus on saving the end consumer as much money as possible. There are a number of pharmacies available on the web which have these qualities. If you would like to get access to the full list, you can check our top-rated catalog. Among these pharmacies, Online Pills is a great pharmacy that will save you a ton of cash on your drugs.

Best Online Pharmacy – Online Pills

Best Online Pharmacy – Online Pills

Online Pills was established in Canada in the year 2001. The reason as to why we recommend this pharmacy is their great customer support department. They have the lowest prices, their drugs originate from genuine manufacturers and every drug that they sell is approved by the FDA. This store does not only limit its services to people who have the ability to speak English. Their website can be used in other languages. They have different currencies too. The payments are made using credit cards which enables you to dispute any charges if something goes wrong. Their testimonial page contains numerous feedback from their previous buyers and all of them are positive.

Retail Pharmacy Vs Mail Order

The only difference that exists between the retail pharmacies and the mail order pharmacies is the prices. The mail-order drug stores are always cheaper. If you source your meds from a mail-order pharmacy, you will pay over 80% less than the price that you will find in your local stores. Although the drugs which originate from mail order pharmacies may take a while before they arrive in comparison to when you get them from your retail pharmacy, they don’t take too long. The maximum days that you will have to wait is 28 days. In general, the drugs arrive in about 21 days.


The best mail-order pharmacies are not that easy to locate. They are usually masked by the thousands of fake mail-order pharmacies which look like they are real. The best thing that anyone who is looking to save their money and health can do is to avoid choosing the pharmacy to order from on their own. This can be fatal since you may end up being tricked. The pharmacies in our catalog are the best and this is why we recommend them to all our readers. Everyone who has used these pharmacies received great drugs and they arrived on time.