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Best Drugs to Buy in Mexico: Saving Money on Meds

Best Drugs to Buy in Mexico

If you are looking to keep most of your money in your wallet when purchasing meds, purchasing these meds in Mexico can be a good place to start. The pharmacies that are located in Mexico are known to offer the best prices for the majority of the drugs that are not affordable in the local drug stores. The trouble that exists with buying drugs from a Mexican pharmacy is the fact that you don’t know whether you are getting what you need or what you are getting is fake and illegal. There are many Mexican pharmacies that sell fake meds. For this reason, many people will research the best drugs to buy in Mexico.

The best drugs that you can actually purchase from a Mexican pharmacy will vary hugely depending on where you will be taking these drugs. Laws are different in different states. This means that what is illegal in your country might be very legal in another country. We decided to take a deeper look into how legal purchasing Mexican meds would be.

Is It Legal to Buy Medications in Mexico?

This is a question that many people ask themselves. Also, this is not a question that can be answered without the help of expert advice. We have checked Quora in order to find what Quora users had to say about this question. The following is the advice that we were able to come up with.

Best Mexican Meds to Purchase

Best Mexican Meds to Purchase

The question that we explored was from a US citizen who was traveling to Mexico. He wanted to know which medications were available as over the counter meds in Mexico that one could consider adding to their home medicine cabinet. He also wanted to know how legal these drugs were.

In response to this question, Dick Karp says that there are drugs that don’t require a prescription in Mexico but in the United States, the same drugs will require the patient to have a prescription before he or she can access them. He gives antibiotics as an example. He says that as long as the drug that you are considering to bring back in the US is legal and requires a prescription, then it can be legal for someone entering the US to bring a quantity for personal use. Karp says that he has bought antibiotics as over the counter meds in Mexico before.

Purchasing Mexican Meds

Purchasing Mexican Meds

Glenn who is also responding to the same question as Karp says that it is possible to purchase most meds that require a prescription in the US without a prescription in Mexico as long as they are not controlled meds. He says that it would be illegal to purchase drugs like Vicodin, oxycodone, and psychotropics. He says that it is also not advisable to buy antibiotics that require a doctor’s prescription if you don’t have one. He says that you can buy heart medication, insulin, Viagra, and Cialis without a prescription. He concludes saying that as long as the drugs that you have purchased are not controlled, you can buy them and bring them across the border without trouble.

Mexican Medications

Mexican Medications

John says that Narcotics and sleeping pills will cause issues if purchased without a prescription. He says that Antibiotics are fine when purchased in reasonable quantities so that you don’t look like your intention is to sell them.

From the above comments, one thing that we can depict is that controlled drugs will cause problems. This means that you will have to avoid purchasing them. According to the above commenters, the best drugs to buy in Mexico are antibiotics and other drugs that don’t necessarily require a prescription. You don’t have to go to Mexico to buy these drugs. There are Mexican stores which will ship these drugs to you. We have the best selection of these stores in our catalog.

Cheap Mexican Drugs

As we had mentioned initially, Mexico offers the best chance to save money on drugs to people who need them. The best Mexican pharmacies that are available online will allow you to save as much as 70% on your meds. Here is the proof:

Mexican Drugs Price

Mexican Drugs Price

The above price list is from a Mexican drugstore. You will be able to save a minimum of 70%. The savings can go as high as 83%. This makes these drugs affordable. The best prices will be available at the online pharmacies. The genuine online stores located in Mexico are less than 10%. Finding these stores among all the fake stores is a daunting task that we have relieved you from your shoulders. We have investigated and determined the pharmacies that don’t compromise on quality or delivery time. We suggest that you use these stores to stay safe.

Mail Order Drugs from Mexico

To get cheap Mexican Meds doesn’t always require you to travel to Mexico. You can order your drugs via Mail order and have them delivered to you. This takes a period of about 3 weeks on average. If you choose the wrong pharmacy, the drugs will never arrive. Therefore, it is advisable to make sure that you get the best pharmacy that has a history of delivering drugs. People who have tried to figure out the best pharmacy on their own have ended up being tricked and ordering from fake stores. To avoid this, check our catalog to find a proven pharmacy to order from.


The best drugs to buy in Mexico include antibiotics and other drugs that don’t require a doctor’s prescription. The drugs that you need to avoid include any controlled drug or illegal drug. You can get access to cheap Mexican drugs without you having to go down to Mexico to get the meds. You can get the meds shipped to you while you relax at home. To do this, you will need a reputable Mexican pharmacy. To save you time and money, we have scrutinized Mexican Pharmacies and determined which ones are the best. The best pharmacies are available on our top-rated list of drug vendors.