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Total Care Mart is a referral service that caters to its customers online. It is not an online pharmacy. Total Care Mart acts like a bridge that connects the people to affordable medicines, both over the counter and rx medicines.

Total Care Mart is a Canadian based website. They partnered with licensed Canadian pharmacies and international pharmacies to provide affordable medicines to their customers. This website focuses on prescription service, meaning they only refer customers who are ordering prescription medicines if they can present a valid prescription. With their wide partnership among licensed pharmacies here and abroad, Total Care Mart assures every customer that they can refill any prescription.

Total Care Mart has different departments that can cater to anyone’s need. They have a team for a consultation, a team for new customers, and a team for reordering customers. They also have a team for tracking orders to ensure that all orders are delivered smoothly. Total Care Mart is a verified member of the Verification Program and is a certified Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) member.

Aside from prescription medicines, Total Care Mart also provide services to customers who are looking for non-prescription drugs and pet medications. Among the popular prescription drugs that they offer are Xifaxan, Vesicare, Levitra, Evista, Xarelto, Spiriva Respimat, Nexium, Azopt, Aggrenox, Zetia, Restasis, and Actonel. has been licensed and operating since 2001 under the Coastal Health Group Inc. It is based in Canada and is a Canadian company. Reviews

Internet stores and shops, like online pharmacies, are always craving for good reviews. This is due to the positive effect of having good reviews. Good reviews serve as an advertisement that online pharmacies can use for free. Most people who are planning to order medicines will surely take note of stores with good reviews.

Total Care Mart Customer Reviews

Total Care Mart Customer Reviews

For Total Care Mart, good reviews are everywhere. A quick search gave us four reviews instantly, all are five stars rating.

The first feedback we found was shared by C Alexander. His description of his experience with Total Care Mart was simple, it was an easy website to use. As for Sally Deutsch, she said that it is always easy to deal with the people from Total Care Mart. She also gave it a 5-star rating.

Another review we found was shared by John who now prefers ordering his medicines online than walking to the nearest drugstore in his area. John now appreciates the shorter delivery time of his orders and the simple process of ordering medications.

Steven also gave Total Care Mart a perfect five rating because of his experience as an online shopper. It looks like Steven is always satisfied with his experience with Total Care Mart.

These optimistic reviews that Total Care Mart has are very appealing to customers like us. If we will be ordering in the future, Total Care Mart is definitely on our list of choices. For more options when it comes to online pharmacies, you can also check our list of recommended and trusted online pharmacies

Totalcaremart Coupon Codes

The tagline of Total Care Mart is ‘savings made easy’. This is to say that they are offering the cheapest medicines online. Because the prices of their drugs are very affordable, Total Care Mart believes that it is no longer necessary to offer coupon codes and discounts to their customers.

Total Care Mart believes that although discounts and promotions can entice customers to stay, the quality of their medicine, affordable price, and good customer reviews will prevail and make new customers more interested in trying to use Total Care Mart. Contact Information

Total Care Mart is not an online pharmacy in the traditional sense. It serves as a referral service. They do not purchase drugs and sell it to their customers. Their website is designed to primarily offer medicines that are available with their partner pharmacies. If a customer will order any of the medicines they offer, they will contact their partners and have it shipped to their customers. For more information on how Total Care Mart works, you can easily contact them thru phone, fax, and email. For urgent matters, you can contact talk to them easily with their live chat support.

Total Care Mart Contact Information

Total Care Mart Contact Information

As a prescription referral service website, it is important for Total Care Mart to answer all of their customers’ query. They developed a customer support center that is available from Mondays to Sundays. On weekdays, their hours of operations are from 7 in the morning until 8 in the evening. On Saturdays, they are available from 7:30 in the morning until 5:30 in the afternoon and 8:30 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon during Sundays.

Total Care Mart is also reachable via fax at 1800 562 3822 and 204 818 0835. Their number to dial in order to talk to a live person is 800 267 2688 and 204 784 1180. For their email address, it is [email protected]


Total Care Mart prescription referral service is a website that aims to make affordable medicines on hand to anyone around the world. They are dealing directly with licensed pharmacies so they can get each medicine at the lowest price possible.

This online pharmacy is based in Canada and their processing center is based in Canada. Most of their customers are Canadian and Americans. If you are planning to have a prescription refill with Total Care Mart, make sure to have your prescription ready. Unlike any other online pharmacies, Total Care Mart requires a prescription of Rx medicines.

For your safety, only trust internet drugstores that consider your welfare. They should ask for a prescription before dispensing your Rx medicine. In addition, if you are dealing with a legit online pharmacy, their medicines shouldn’t be a giveaway because all medicines have a cost. For more choices when it comes to an online pharmacy that you can trust, check our list of recommended internet drugstores as well.