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VIPPS Online Pharmacy: Finding Legit Online Drug Stores

VIPPS Online Pharmacy

VIPPS in full stands for Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites. This is an organization that was established back in 1999 by NABP (National Association Boards of Pharmacy) in order to promote safety in the internet pharmacy area. This program is aimed at ensuring that web pharmacies that operate legally stand out from pharmacies that operate illegally and hence making it easier for buyers to make the right choice.

Purchasing medications online can be both advantageous and disadvantageous. It will turn out to be disadvantageous if you are not careful when you are choosing the pharmacy that you buy your drugs from. If you are very careful when selecting the pharmacy to order from, then, you will be able to enjoy great prices and genuine drugs which will be delivered to you on time. Many people have already realized that online pharmacies are profitable nowadays since almost everyone is purchasing his or her meds online. Many scammers have taken this as an opportunity to earn some quick and easy cash. The way that they achieve this is by setting up websites that resemble real online drug stores and using these websites to extort money from online drug buyers.

VIPPS Online Pharmacy List

VIPPS keeps an exclusive list that contains all the pharmacies that they approve. In order for a pharmacy to be placed on this list, it has to fulfill some very important requirements. The pharmacy has to comply with the inspection and licensing requirements of the state in which its headquarters are located. In addition to fulfilling these requirements, the pharmacy has to adhere to a variety of criteria. This includes meeting the standards that are nationally endorsed as the best for any pharmacy, the pharmacy should be able to demonstrate the compliance with the standards of authentication, security, and privacy of the prescriptions.

VIPPS Online Pharmacy List

VIPPS Online Pharmacy List

In order for your pharmacy to be on this list, it has to adhere to the policy for quality assurance. The pharmacy should be able to offer high-quality consultation between the pharmacists and the patients. The majority of the pharmacies that fulfill these requirements are destined to give their customers the very best services.

It is important to note that VIPPS is not the only program that is available which focuses on approving online pharmacies. Other pharmacies programs are available. For example, in Canada, there is CIPA which stands for the Canadian International Pharmacy Association. This pharmacy association usually focuses on making sure that people who buy their medications from Canadian online pharmacies can tell between the rogue pharmacies and the real ones. CIPA will allow anyone to determine whether a perceived Canadian online pharmacy is on their list or not. They offer a tool on their website for searching online pharmacies.

Our focus is on finding the pharmacies that are legit. This means that we will invest a huge amount of time into finding any pharmacies that fulfill the qualities of a genuine store and is approved by different regulatory programs. If we find the pharmacy and test it to make sure that it delivers without delays, we will add it to the top-rated catalog that we usually suggest to you.

VIPPS Legit Pharmacies Reviews

If at all the legit pharmacies which have been approved by VIPPS exist, there must be reviews to prove this. This means that there have to be positive comments on the web which are related to the genuine stores. We decided to find these comments in order to let you know that for sure there is a chance to get genuine medications when you place your order online.

VIPPS Online Pharmacy Review

VIPPS Online Pharmacy Review

The above review shows that Rodd is happy with the pharmacy that he order his meds from. He says that the online store is very efficient and the process of ordering was very straightforward. His goods were dispatched almost immediately and they arrived after a few days.

VIPPS Online Pharmacy User Testimonial

VIPPS Online Pharmacy User Testimonial

Lewis says that the pharmacy from which he acquired his medications offers a decent price. He says that it is the cheapest on the internet. He has always received excellent service from the store.

VIPPS Online Pharmacy User Feedback (source: https://www

VIPPS Online Pharmacy User Feedback (source:

Katie Spence says that she would give the online pharmacy 100000 stars if she could. The pharmacy was easy to use, efficient, and consistent. She has never had any issues and the pharmacy has always been super-fast in making their deliveries.

The above reviews are supposed to prove to you that real pharmacies are available. These reviews are also supposed to show you the importance of choosing a high-quality online drugstore. But, the reviews do not apply to all stores that are available online. They are only applicable to less than 10% of all the web pharmacies. The best web pharmacies that have VIPPS approval are available on our top-rated list.

VIPPS Online Pharmacy Discount Meds

Online pharmacies have been known to offer the biggest discounts. This is a proven fact. But, unless you choose a pharmacy that has been approved by programs that regulate online pharmacies such as VIPPS, you are likely to end up losing your money and receiving nothing or receiving products that will harm your health and well-being. Generally, a good VIPPS approved online pharmacy will save you at least 70% of the money that you would have paid in the local stores. Getting the good online pharmacy is the hard part. It is next to impossible when you are doing it alone. We have decided to help out by placing the best online pharmacies on our top-rated list that you can access very easily.


A VIPPS online pharmacy is a pharmacy that operates legally. In order for any pharmacy to get approved, it has to fulfill some very crucial requirements. This ensures that it will be providing the best services to customers. VIPPS focuses on making genuine online drug stores stand out from the rest of the rogue pharmacies which form the larger part of the web pharmacies. The best pharmacies that have already received approval from various regulatory bodies and will always deliver meds in a fast and efficient way are already available on our top-rated catalog.