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Pain Pill Prescription Online: Can You Get Pain Medications Without a Prescription?

Pain Pill Prescription Online

Strong pain medications that belong to the family of stimulants are considered as controlled substances. These are prescription medicines because they can be addicting and are prone to be abused. Pain pills are mostly prescription medicines just like Oxycontin, Oxycodone, Ritalin, and Valium.

To date, the federal government and other foreign health agencies are trying their best to clean the internet of online pharmacies that are not following guidelines. According to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, the most important thing that an online pharmacy should do is to stop dispensing Rx medicines to customers that don’t have a prescription.

Despite the effort of these health agencies, thousands of online pharmacies are still selling prescription medicines without requiring a prescription. Why do people purchase prescription medicines online even if they don’t have a prescription?

  • It is cheaper online
  • They don’t want to talk to strangers (doctors) about their conditions
  • They believe in their power as a researcher, they already researched their condition and found the best medicine to treat it
  • They don’t want the hassle of seeing a doctor and getting a prescription then paying for it

Where to Purchase Pain Pill Prescription Online

Most legit online pharmacies offer prescription pain medicines and dispenses them as long as you have a valid prescription. You can check our list of recommended online pharmacies for the list for this.

In addition, there are Canadian online pharmacies like Pharmacy Mall that dispenses Rx drugs even if you don’t have a prescription. Pharmacy Mall can distribute prescription pain medication if you can provide the name or brand of the medicine you are looking for.

Online pharmacies is the way to get prescription medicines without the hassle of seeing a doctor. Just like Pharmacy Mall, they offer web consultation to ensure that you really need the said medicine. You will have to talk to one of their team members or you will have to answer a questionnaire to determine your current medical status. It will also cover your medical history for a more accurate prescription. Once approved, they will be the one to process the order for you.

Pharmacy Mall offers at least 30 brands of pain relief medications. Some are over the counter medicines and some are prescription medicines. If you are familiar with the name of the drug that you need, Pharmacy Mall can have it delivered to your home.

Top Pain Pill Prescription Online

What if you are having an uncontrolled pain, it is worsening and your medicine is running out but your doctor said you had enough, what would you do? Check for an online pharmacy that dispenses pain medication without a prescription?

Prescription Pain Pill Samples

Prescription Pain Pill Samples

With the accessibility that online pharmacies provide, most people suffering from unwanted pain are now getting more excited to refill their dwindling pain pill prescription online. Among the top pain relievers ordered online are Soma or Carisoprodol, Zanaflex, Baclofen, Flexeril, and Diazepam. These are pain medications and muscle relaxants that can help you go through the day without much pain. These are prescription medications though and are among the commonly ordered Rx medicines for pain.

These medicines are used in treating musculoskeletal pain, injuries of the muscle and trauma of the muscle, acute pain after a surgery or operation and as part of a physical therapy treatment.

These top medicines for pain are not easy to get even online. Some internet drugstores will definitely ask for a prescription. If you find an online pharmacy that doesn’t asks for a prescription, take it as a red flag and do a research about them. Is it a legit online pharmacy? If yes, why are they not asking for a prescription!

Is it Safe to Use Prescription Painkillers without a Prescription?

The answer is definitely no. the government and different health agencies are trying to minimize the possible damage that online pharmacies are doing, especially those who are not asking for a prescription before distributing a prescription drug like pain killers.

Sample of a Prescription Pain Pill

Sample of a Prescription Pain Pill

Why shouldn’t you take a prescription pain killer without a prescription?

  • Prolonged used of pain relief medication is bad for your health
  • You will be at risk of becoming dependent to your pain relief pill
  • Prolonged use of pain relief pills can lead to unwanted side effects
  • Stopping from taking pain relief medication after a period of time can cause withdrawal


A lot of online pharmacies are now refilling pain relief prescription online. This controlled substance is now easier to access because of the relax law when it comes to online pharmacies. There are online pharmacies that don’t even ask for a prescription, as long as you know the name of pain relief medicine you are looking for.

One of the red flags of an illegitimate online pharmacy is that they don’t ask for a prescription. If you encounter an internet drugstore that is so willing to send your pain medication without a valid prescription, you have to reconsider ordering from them. To avoid being scammed, you can check the list of our recommended online pharmacies and choose the one that offers your pain relief pain.

Since we can now easily access medicines thru internet pharmacies, we need to be responsible when using our medicine. Most online pharmacies are also offering drugs at a very low price as compared to its regular prices from our local pharmacy. It doesn’t mean though that you can take two pills at a time to make the effect stronger. The potential for abuse of narcotics and opioid is very real so you need to always talk to your doctor about your medication. Opioid dependence has always been a problem because after the pain treatment, comes the addiction.