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Is Pharmacy Checker Legitimate: Here’s What You Need to Know Before Using Pharmacy Checker

Is Pharmacy Checker Legitimate

Pharmacy Checker is a website that certifies online pharmacies and marks them as legit and safe or unsafe. Pharmacy Checker was such a big name among major search engines but in 2010, major search engines like Google and Yahoo ended their relationship with Pharmacy Checker. These websites are no longer taking the results of Pharmacy Checker evaluation as valid certification.

To date, Pharmacy Checker remains to be the best option when it comes to finding cheap and affordable medicines from online pharmacies. They only check licensed medications. Pharmacy Checker is an international company verifies the validity of international online pharmacies since 2002.

Pharmacy Checker was founded by Tod Cooperman, M.D. He is a noted speaker about healthcare issues. He is also a writer and a researcher in the field of health and nutrition. Aside from Pharmacy Checker, Dr. Tod Cooperman also founded, also an independent website that evaluates dietary supplements available on the internet.

Pharmacy Checker collects information such as:

  • Prices
  • Online pharmacy licenses
  • Online pharmacy profiles
  • Online pharmacy ownerships
  • Online pharmacy information such as contact information, physical address, partners or pharmaceutical companies they are dealing with

To date, Pharmacy Checker continues to do its promise to the internet users, to continue evaluating internet pharmacies and determine if they are legit or not.

Pharmacy Checker Reviews

Pharmacy Checker is a third-party website or an independent website that verifies international online pharmacies when it comes to their pricing and legitimacy. People who are using it are mostly customers of online pharmacies who want to order their medicines online to save money. Since 2002, Pharmacy Checker has been a reliable source of information about online pharmacies, so what do its users have to say about it?

Pharmacy Checker Reviews 

Pharmacy Checker Reviews

Betty said that she saw an email from Pharmacy Checker where she found a list of e-stores. She checked the Canadian store on the list and was surprised to see her COPD medication being offered at a very low price. Betty said that the legit Canadian pharmacy she found from the list provided by Pharmacy Checker was a heaven sent. Since then, Betty always checks with Pharmacy Checker before purchasing online.

Barbara is another Pharmacy Checker user who praised the website for helping her find the right pharmacy to purchase her medications. As for Naomi, she just accidentally found out about Pharmacy Checker and was happy she did. With Pharmacy Checker, she said she finally understand the price differences between Canadian and American drugstores.

With the use of Pharmacy Checker, a lot of people found the right online pharmacy to trust. These reviews are telling us one thing – Pharmacy Checker was a useful tool in determining if we can trust an online pharmacy or not.

How Pharmacy Checker Works

The goal of Pharmacy Checker is to find international online pharmacies that sell affordable medicines. They are mostly looking and evaluating licensed Canadian online pharmacies that are catering to customers worldwide. An online pharmacy that has Pharmacy Checker logo means that:

  • It is a verified online pharmacy in accordance to the standards set by Pharmacy Checker
  • It is an online pharmacy that requires a prescription for Rx medicines
  • It is an online pharmacy that met online security requirements to prevent identity theft and fraud
  • It is an online pharmacy that has legitimate customer privacy policy
  • It is an online pharmacy with a working contact information
  • It is an online pharmacy that has licensed doctors and healthcare professionals in case there is a need for consultation
  • It is an online pharmacy that follows international rules when it comes to dispensing medicines (eg dispenses limited amount of drugs to up to 3-month supply only)
  • It is an online pharmacy with a physical address

When an international online pharmacy is verified, Pharmacy Checker will allow the said website to carry the Pharmacy Checker logo and place it on their website. Just recently, Pharmacy Checker releases a list of verified online pharmacies and they included information such as location and the destinations they ship to.

Alternative for Pharmacy Checker

Pharmacy Checker is a good source of information in finding a safe and affordable medication but there are online pharmacies, especially the new ones, that are not yet verified by Pharmacy Checker. For these websites. Here are some of the alternative independent verifying websites that you can use.

Pharmacy Checker Alternative Websites

Pharmacy Checker Alternative Websites

With more than 95% of online pharmacies being illegal and unsafe, every website that offers information regarding each online pharmacy can be useful. Among the websites that you can use as an alternative to Pharmacy Checker are Check Healthcare Product Legitimacy and searching the VIPPS-Accredited Online Pharmacy List. The information you can get from these websites is also useful to avoid being a victim of a scam.


Pharmacy Checker is an example of an independent website that monitors, verifies, and checks online pharmacies to ensure that everyone gets the information they deserve before they spend their money on it. It determines the prices of each online pharmacies and finds the online pharmacy with the cheapest medication. They also evaluate online pharmacies based on their legitimacy and reliability.

Pharmacy Checker evaluates the credential of each international online pharmacy they come across with. They also check their practices. Among the things, they look at are the license to operate as an online pharmacy, licenses to carry and dispense Rx medicines, privacy policy, security of their website, usable contact information, and DEA license for US-based online pharmacies.

If you want a reliable online pharmacy based on the standards of Pharmacy Checker, you can also check our list of recommended online pharmacies.