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Is Marley Drug Legitimate

Is Marley Drug Legitimate

Marley Drug is an online pharmacy with a physical address at 5008 Peters Creek Pkwy Winston Salem in North Carolina. They offer to deliver generic medicines to their customer at all times except on afternoon of Saturday and the whole day on Sundays. Marley Drug delivers to their US customers only.

Marley Drug is owned and managed by Dave an Elizabeth. They met in Pharmacy school, fell in love, had two kids, and opened Marley Drug in 2003. They started with their small store and with the advent of the internet and the popularity of online pharmacies, Marley Drug decided to join the wagon and developed To date, they have a team of pharmacy technician and pharmacists as well as sales associates that help the company grow more and reach more patients around the US.

Marley Drug is a legitimate business in North Carolina.

Marley Generic Review

The tagline of Marley Drug is “Generic you can afford, delivered to your door.” Most drugs offered by Marley Drug are generic medicines. Whenever there is a new ED medicine in the market, they put an ad saying that they have something new to offer. Do they really offer generic medicines that work? Is their service good? Let us take a look at some of the reviews written by users of Marley Generic.

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Marley Drug Reviews

Brent C of Charlotte, North Carolina gave Marley Drug a rating of 5 stars. The reason for the great rating was their quick service and nice staff. He added that he prefers generics because it allows him to save money and if it doesn’t work on some people, then it is not because of the drugs, perhaps it is the stimulation that is not working.

Vincent was the second Marley Drug customer we found. Vincent had a prescription for ED medicine and he was saying that he received a different type of ED drug. He said he reported the problem with the drug he received and the customer service he talked with was very helpful. Amex, his card company also agreed to process a reimbursement. What Vincent cannot accept was his time being wasted.

The two reviews for Marley Drug are mixed but one thing stands out – they both had good customer service experience and they were satisfied with the way they were handled. As an online pharmacy that started as a drugstore in their local NC area, we would say that it is good to know that they have customer service staff that knows what they are doing.

Marley ED Pills

We checked the offered ED drugs by Marley Drug and found out that they offer one type of ED pill, the sildenafil tablets from CPG Health. CPG Health requires a prescription in order for their sildenafil tablets to be dispensed.

Marley ED Pills

Marley ED Pills

You can get sildenafil tablets from Marley Drug for $100. It will give you 50 pieces of 20mg Sildenafil tablets. In their ads, here are some of the benefits of using Sildenafil tablet from CPG Health and Marley Drug rather than buying other brands of ED medicine or Viagra:

  • Marley Drug’s pricing is very affordable
  • Marley Drug believes that you don’t need 100 mg of sildenafil to make it work, you only need 20 mg and this is what they are offering, 20 mg generic sildenafil tablets
  • Marley Drug encourages American locals to support local businesses in the country. Marley Drug is owned by a couple from NC hence it would be great if the locals will patronize the services and products they offer.

To date, Sildenafil is the only ED pill sold by Marley Drug. They do not offer Cialis or Levitra or its generic counterparts.

Marley Drug Prices

For prices, you won’t see the price for each tablet that Marley Drug offers unless you fill out the prescription form. Once you fill it out, you will select the drug that you need and the price will appear after. The only available prices are for medicines that they are currently promoting. For example, in the case of the new sildenafil medicine they are offering, it is being sold at $2 per tablet.

Marley Drug assures each customer though that their pricing is one of the lowest in the country. They ao offer Extended Supply Generic Drug Program, a program that aims to help people continue their medication with the help of health insurances.

For inquiries on pricing, you can call Marley Drug at 336 771 7762 and they are open from Mondays to Fridays, 9 in the morning until 6 in the evening. On Saturdays, they are open from 9 in the morning until 12 noon only then they are closed for the rest of Saturdays and Sundays.


In the Q&A section of Marley Drug page, they are saying that they are not an internet pharmacy. They are more of a locally owned drugstore operating in Winston Salem. They established their website in an effort to support online ordering, yet they want to continue their rules when it comes to prescription medicines – they still require patients to show a valid prescription if they are going to order a prescription medicine.

Marley Drug is owned by the Marley’s, both are pharmacists who met when they were still building their dreams in college. The Marley’s are now working with a team of pharmacists, pharmacy technician and sale associates to ensure that all of your needs are met whenever you order at Marley Drugs.

Based on the shared reviews for this drugstore, they offer and send medicines as ordered. They also have a good customer service and they guarantee your customer satisfaction at all costs.

In 2013, Marley Drug was the recipient of Piedmont Business Ethics Award and they are also part of the BBB Accredited Business.