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Indian Pharmacy Reviews: Can We Trust Indian Online Pharmacies?

Indian Pharmacy Reviews

India is the biggest manufacturer of generic medicines in the world. With so many pharmaceutical companies in the country producing generic medicines, the price of their generic drugs is really low. This is the reason why most online pharmacies are partnering with Indian pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies. If they can get these generic Indian medicines at a very low price, they can sell it online at a very affordable price as compared to those that are selling their purchased medicines from Canada or the US.

In India, you can easily find a drugstore. Every street in the country has a pharmacy. In India alone, thousands of online pharmacies are also operating. The war on selling drugs, generic and prescription medicines are for real. But why do Indians and people around the world started and continued to support online pharmacies?

  • The access is unquestionable with online pharmacies. You can order medicines anytime, anywhere
  • The price is very enticing. Online pharmacies are offering their medicines for less than 50% of its original price either because they got it directly from the manufacturer or they are selling counterfeit and substandard medicines
  • The offers are too good to be true. Most Indian online pharmacies are offering bonuses, free pills, free shipping and very big discounts
  • Indian Laws such as Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 and the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945 only prohibits the selling Schedule H and X drugs but not all prescription medicines hence online pharmacies can still dispense Rx medicines without fear of being called out by the law

With thousands of Indian online pharmacies, thousands of Canadian online pharmacies and thousands of other online pharmacies running from different countries, why pick an Indian online pharmacy? Can we trust an Indian internet drugstore.?

Top Indian Pharmacies

Running an internet pharmacy has become a billion-dollar business not only in India but around the world. India has the biggest production of generic medicines and they also have the most numbers of online pharmacies. Here are some of their top online pharmacies:

Medideal is the online counterpart of Pooja medical store, a drugstore located in one of the cities of India. This local drugstore has been operating since 1983 and they have served more than 10 million customers. When the internet hype begins, they also started their online pharmacy business. To date, all consumers who will order their medicines online at for the first time will get up to 20% discount on their first order.

The office of Medideal is in Tower No.03, Unit No.1604, Valley View Estate, Gwal Pahari, Gurgaon-Faridabad Road, Gurgaon (Haryana. They can be contacted thru phone at 828 518 7827 or via email at [email protected]

Medideal is an Indian international store that offers pharmacy products, healthy and personal care products, first aid products, toys, and baby products. In addition, this online pharmacy covers 2173 cities in India alone.

Netmeds is another Indian online pharmacy that is associated with Ki Pharmacy of India. Ki Pharmacy is part of Dahda & Company. Dahda & Company has been serving India for the last 100 years and with the advent of the internet, they are also accepting the challenges of the new generation hence they established their own online pharmacy.

This Indian online pharmacy offers vitamins, diet supplements, pain relievers, diabetic care kit, baby products, mother care products, surgical supplies, and herbal products.

Manddo is an Indian online pharmacy that has a tagline that says ‘you are safe here.’ This Indian online pharmacy has a physical address in Gurgaon, India. Their contact information is 730 730 3303 and 730 730 4404.

The offer if Manddo is up to 50% savings on medical bills. On their website, they say they have licensed pharmacists and doctors to ensure that you are ordering medicines that you just need. They also assure their customers that whatever you need, Manddo got it for you.

Pros and Cons of Using Indian Online Pharmacies

One Step in Ordering Online

One Step in Ordering Online

Ordering from an Indian online pharmacy has its risks and benefits. Their medicines are indeed cheap and affordable but not all generic medicines produced in India are safe. India has a very lax medical law hence pharmaceutical companies are blooming in this country like mushrooms.

Before ordering from an Indian online pharmacy, check first their partner manufacturers. Make sure that you are going to receive a legit medicine and not a substandard one. Also, check for licenses, make sure that you are dealing with a legit online pharmacy and not a shady one.

Indian Online Pharmacies vs Canadian Online Pharmacies

Rx vs OTC

Rx vs OTC

There is actually no war between Canadian and Indian online pharmacies. Most online pharmacies are adding Canadian and Indian on their name because they knew that these words mean ‘cheap medications.’

Apparently, people are overusing it. Today, Canadian and Indian online pharmacies are selling medicines that are not purely from Canada or India. We have found various Canadian online pharmacies that are actually offering medicines from India.

In fact, both Indian and Canadian online pharmacies are offering generic medicines that are mostly from India.


Can we trust an Indian online pharmacy? It is a yes and no. with thousands of Indian online pharmacies out there, you need to be vigilant when picking a store to trust. Among the things that you need to check are their physical address, the local drugstore they are connected to, their partner manufacturers, and the reviews from their customers. Avoid becoming a victim of fraud and scammers because you were fooled with their advertisement of low-priced medicines. If you think you cannot trust an Indian online pharmacy, check our list of recommended online pharmacies and pick the one that suits your better judgment.