Shortly after the inaguration of President Trump, Rihanna joined protesters outside trump tower to show her support for women’s rights and the prochoice movement. She was sporting a controversial and spunky outfit that included a tu-tu over blue jeans and a pink hoodie that read “This P***y Grabs Back”.

Both her song lyrics and participation in recent protests have shown her coallition to the feminist agenda, inspiring women to be proud, strong and independent. Her support of the movement is justifiably appropriate given the history of abuse she suffered at the hands of ex-love interest Chris Brown in 2009. Her cavalier approach to new romance and not needing a man to make her feel comfortable with herself can be seen in her recent lyrics such as “Didn’t you know that I was a savage.” and “F*** a white horse and a carriage.” showing that she is not searching for or in need of the traditional fairytale romance that so many women expect and are tricked into by undeserving partnerss.

Settling for something that they feel is close to the promise of the love story they grew up hearing is one of the disempowering reocurrances that happen to women in modern society that Rihanna speaks out against in the music of her most recent album. She reitterates this idea with lyrics like “You were just another (guy) on the hit list, tryna fix your inner issues with a bad b***.” again foregoing the traditional relationship and saying not every “hook-up” results in a longterm traditional relationship.

It’s safe to say that with a new president of questionable moral character in office, and having suffered a past that involved abuse from a womanizer, Rihanna will likely be involved in the movement moving forward, and we can expect to see these empowering trends to continue in both her music and her actions.