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Canadian Drug: Good Online Pharmacy Closing Soon

Canadian Drug

After 17 years of serving its customers, Canada Drugs is announcing that it will close down on July 13 of this year. This action was the result of a plea that the owner entered with the Department of Justice of the US.

Canada Drugs is an online pharmacy established by Kris Thorkelson in 2001. Thorkelson noticed the increasing number of US citizens visiting Canada so they can buy medicines. A quick research revealed to Thorkelson the reason why – US medicines are expensive and most US citizens figured out that Canadian pharmacies are selling their medicines cheaply.

To address this issues, Thorkelson started an online pharmacy with an operation based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He partnered with international pharmacies and local Canadian pharmacies and decided to market up to thousands of prescription drugs. Because he is directly making a transaction with these pharmacies, he was able to sell these medicines at the lowest price possible. To date, Thorkelson is proud to say that Canadian Drugs was able to refill more than 7 million prescriptions in the last 17 years.

Canada Drugs offer prescription and over the counter medicines. For prescription medicines, they require a legal and valid prescription from their customers before they process an order. After a single order, you can make a request so they can add your prescription to their record and use it on your next order. Refilling a prescription get easier and faster with Canada Drugs.

With the impending closing of Canada Drugs, they are asking their customers to contact them for urgent matters. As of this writing, all prescriptions will be filled until July 13 only.

Canadian Drugs Online Review

Canada Drugs served more than a million customers in the last 17 years. They won’t last that long if they are not doing their job properly. To check how they did so far, we rounded up some of their customer reviews and here’s what we found.

The first one was from Patrick Denver

The first one was from Patrick Denver. Patrick said that he was impressed with the service and that he received his order after 21 days as promised.

Another review we found was shared by John

Another review we found was shared by John. John shared that he had a wonderful experience with Canada Drugs and that the price of their medicine. With Canada Drugs, John said that he was able to continue his medication without selling his properties. He said he was able to save up to 60% on his medication.

Canada Drugs Customer Testimonials

Canada Drugs Customer Testimonials

The last customer feedback that we found for Canada Drugs was shared by Amber. Amber said that she has been a loyal customer of Canada Drugs and has been getting her prescription medicines from them. She was hoping to use it more in the future but then, Canada Drugs will be closing in the next few months.

The reviews that Canada Drugs had are all positive and inviting. We believe that these are the reasons why they continued to operate for the last 17 years. Affordable medication, reliable service, and helpful customer support are all they offer.

Canada Drugs Coupon Codes

Giving coupon codes to third-party websites is one of the best ways to advertise a store without spending too much. Aside from giving coupons, other websites just offer free shipping and bonus pills. In the case of Canada Drugs, they do not have free pills to go with every order but they do give away coupon codes.

Canada Drugs Coupon Codes

Canada Drugs Coupon Codes

We found two coupon codes that Canada Drugs is currently accepting. They offer 25% off on all first time prescription orders and they offer free shipping within Canada. These coupons can be found on a third-party site.

To use a coupon, you should place your order first. If you qualify, you can input the coupon code on the checkout page. Click on apply and it will automatically deduct your promotion from your total bill.

Canada Drugs Stores Contact Information

Customers of Canada Drugs has a lot of ways to reach them and their customer support team. The same contact information can be used by their current customers if they have questions regarding the impending closure of this online pharmacy.

Canada Drugs Contact Information

Canada Drugs Contact Information

They can contact Canada Drugs via phone by dialing 1 800 226 784 or 204 654 7964. They also have a customer service support team for hearing impaired individuals. They just have to dial 877 258 7006.

If you want to contact Canada Drugs via fax, you can send them your message at 1 800 988 5440 and 204 358 7009. You can also shoot them an email at [email protected]

For more information, you can contact the marketing manager of Canada Drugs at 2204 654 7953. Look for Carey Gatz, their marketing manager or shoot him an email at [email protected]


From the information we found about Canada Drugs, this online pharmacy seems to be one of the best online pharmacies that you can find online. The design of their website is okay, it is easy to use, they have a number of contact information to keep their customers within reach, and they have great reviews from their customers. If we are to add a few more websites to our list of recommended online pharmacies, Canada Drugs will surely make the cut.

Unfortunately, this website is about to be closed by July as per its agreement with the US and its DEA. For some reasons and issues beyond our understanding, Canada Drugs will be closing its doors after 17 years. If you are a customer of Canada Drugs, you might find it difficult to find another reliable online pharmacy but we do recommend our list of recommended online pharmacies for you to check. Until then, continue using Canada Drugs and enjoy the service you are getting from it.