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Buying Prescription Drugs from Canada: Buy at Discounted Prices

Buying Prescription Drugs from Canada

Due to the low prices of drugs in other parts of the world especially in the United States, a lot of people have turned to Canadian online pharmacies for the supply of their medications. Canadian online pharmacies sell both generic and brand medications that are sourced from various reputable manufacturers from Canada and other locations as well. Most of the Canadian online pharmacies will require a prescription before they can dispense the drugs.

Trust Pharmacy is one of the reputable Canadian online pharmacies that is run by a professional pharmacist who is responsible for dispensing every order that has been sent in by their customers. He will ensure that every customer gets what his doctor has prescribed to help them recover from the health complication he may be suffering from. To talk to a pharmacist, all you have to do is to make a call using the contact number that has been provided on the pharmacy’s website.

You will be able to order your medications from any location all over the world and have the drugs delivered to your doorstep. The process has been secured so that every private detail that has been submitted in the course of transacting with the pharmacy will be accessed by a third party. The drugs too will be delivered in a discreet pack and it will be impossible for any other person to know the content of the package by just looking at it.

Some of the prescription drugs from Canada

Some of the prescription drugs from Canada

How to Order Prescription Drugs from Canada

The process of buying prescription drugs from Canada has been simplified to ensure that one will not have to waste a lot of time trying to figure out how the process goes. You should ensure that you have a valid prescription from a medical doctor before you initiate the order process as the order will be rejected if it is not available.

You will write down the name of the prescription drug you wish to buy in the provided search box and press search.

You will be able to view the description of the drug in detail and the price of the different dosages available.

Select the dose you wish to buy and add it to your cart; the total value of the drugs you have placed in the cart will be shown and if you wish to buy other drugs, you will click the ‘continue shopping’ icon. Repeat this procedure until you have all the drugs listed on your prescription inside your shopping cart.

You can now continue to check out where you will be required to fill in the details of the payment method that you intend to use in paying for the drugs. You should ensure that these details are correct as the order will not be shipped until the payment is successfully processed.

Trust Pharmacy will provide free shipping on drugs if the cost of the drugs is above $200 if the drugs will be sent via standard mail. For the express mail, you will have the drugs delivered free of charge if the value of the drugs in the shopping cart is over $300. To avoid paying too much for the shipping, you should make your refill order before your current supply is exhausted so that you will not run out of drugs before the drugs are delivered through the standard shipping.

Photo of a shopping cart

Photo of a shopping cart

Prescription Drugs from Canada Prices

The prices of prescription drugs in Canadian online pharmacies are lower than the cost of similar drugs in other countries. This is as a result of the measures that the government has put in place to ensure that customers are not exploited by those who operate pharmacies in Canada. The pharmacies will not be able to sell the drugs at a price that is higher than the recommended price.

Online pharmacies from Canada offer discount coupons to their customer which enables them to save as much as 70% from the actual cost of the drugs. This has made it possible for those who cannot afford an insurance cover to afford their prescription drugs. You can subscribe to the pharmacies emails so that you will be among the first to know when a new offer has been activated. With this, you will be able to buy the drugs when the prices are much lower.

When your doctor is writing your prescription, you can request him to prescribe a generic form instead of the expensive brand. If he agrees, you will get the needed relief at a cost that could be 90% less than what the brand drug costs.

You can also buy a large supply of your prescription drugs so that you can get a bigger discount as the prices of different medications get lower when large quantities are bought.

Discounted prices of prescription drugs from Canada

Discounted prices of prescription drugs from Canada

Prescription Drugs from Canada Legit

The drugs sold by legitimate Canadian online pharmacies like Trust Pharmacy are sourced from reputable manufacturers who have been making highly effective medications. These drugs have been approved by the bodies that check the quality of the medications that enter the market to ensure that they will not cause any harm.

Trust pharmacy has employed professional staffs who ensure that any drug that enters the pharmacy is of high a standard. If any drug does not meet the set standard, it will be sent back to the manufacturer. With such measures in place, you can be assured that any drugs purchased from such a pharmacy will effectively treat any health complication.


Prescription drugs from Canada are as effective as the drugs sold in any local pharmacy as they contain the same chemical composition. You will be able to pay less for your medication as the government ensures that pharmacies will not overcharge the medications. You should ensure that you buy your drugs from a verified Canada pharmacy like Trust Pharmacy and not from rogue Canadian pharmacies. Just like in local pharmacies, Trust Pharmacy will require a prescription before the order can be processed so that they can be assured that a doctor has examined you and certified that you indeed to use the prescription drugs that you wish to buy. If you need help in identifying a credible online pharmacy from Canada, check out our list of Top Online Pharmacies.