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Buying Carisoprodol Online: Finding a Cheap Muscle Pain Medication

Buying Carisoprodol Online

Carisoprodol is the active ingredient of Soma and Vanadom. These are muscle relaxer that works by blocking the sensation of the affected nerves and the brain. Soma and Vanadom are branded medicines for a muscle relaxer and Carisoprodol is its generic name. This drug is used in conjunction with physical therapy to treat major muscle or bone injuries. This medicine is also used in treating skeletal muscle conditions. Carisoprodol is addicting and can cause drug dependency if not administered properly.

This pain relief medicine is a prescription medicine. Prolonged use of Carisoprodol can lead to addiction to it. This is considered as a short-term medication. It is taken orally and it should be taken at least 4x a day, depending on your doctor’s prescription. The longest duration of treatment using Carisoprodol is three weeks.

A branded Carisoprodol costs around $20 per pill. This is one of the most expensive muscle relaxant and pain reliever treatment that you can find in the market today. At Kroger and Costco, you can get Soma (branded Carisoprodol) for $13 per tablet if you have a coupon code. If you want to purchase a cheap Carisoprodol, you have to go online and search for a reliable online pharmacy that offers it.

Carisoprodol Price Online

The price of branded Carisoprodol is not a joke. It ranges from $12 to $25 per tablet, depending on the drugstore you are buying from. You can get a tablet for as low as $13 if you have a coupon code but if not, you have to pay the regular price of at least $22 apiece.

There are two common formulations for Carisoprodol, the 350 mg tablet, and 250 mg tablet. If the price is more than $20 locally, here’s the available price of Carisoprodol from our trusted online pharmacies.

Carisoprodol  Price

Carisoprodol  Price

For a 250 mg Carisoprodol, you can get it for $197.48 for a pack of 100 tablets. This gives it a price of $1.97 per tablet. For 350 mg Carisoprodol, the price is $11.01 for a pack of 10 tablets. It means that each tablet costs $1.

The price of branded Carisoprodol is very affordable if you will take it online. The only risk is if you accidentally trust a fraudulent online pharmacy. This means getting nothing out of your money or you will end up receiving a counterfeit Carisoprodol. To avoid such scam, be vigilant when choosing an online pharmacy to trust. If you don’t have enough time to take a research, check out our list of recommended online pharmacies.

Buying Generic Carisoprodol Online

Finding a generic Carisoprodol online is pretty easy. Recently, some online pharmacies are dispensing it without asking for a prescription. If you are looking for Carisoprodol, you can check our list of trusted online pharmacies and they can have it delivered to your doorstep in no time.

Generic Carisoprodol is often referred to as generic Soma or generic Vanadom. Because of its addicting nature, some people tend to overuse and misuse it. The relaxing effect of this medicine is the reason why users are not stopping when using it. Prolonged use of this medicine can cause withdrawal symptoms so tell your doctor if you have been abusing it and wants to stop now.

Generic Carisoprodol Price

Generic Carisoprodol Price

A branded Carisoprodol costs around $20 from local drugstores. A branded Carisoprodol costs around $1 per tablet online. If you search it from online pharmacies, you can get a generic Carisoprodol for as low as $10.29 for a pack of 30 tablets. It means that each tablet of generic Carisoprodol costs $0.30.

For more savings, order 60 tablets and pay only $14.47 or order 90 tablets and get it for $18.66 per pack. You can also order 100 tablets and pay only $20.05. Remember, a single tablet of Soma costs $20.

If you want to save more, you can order it online in a bigger pack. A pack of 210 tablets just costs around $22.84 or $0.19 per tablet.

With this pricing for generic Carisoprodol, more and more users can now have access to this medicine. They are also being prone to misuse and addiction because of the affordability of the said medicine.

Cheaper Alternative to Carisoprodol

For pain relief and muscle relaxant medications, you can find a lot of alternatives for Soma or Carisoprodol. The problem is, Carisoprodol is the cheapest generic pain relief medication and Soma is the cheapest branded pain relief medication that you can find in the stores today.

For options, you can also try Baclofen, Flexeril, Zanaflex, and Diazepam. These muscle relaxants cost around $10 each tablet. There are generic counterparts for these pain relief medication about finding them online can be challenging as well. These are prescription medicines as well, just like Carisoprodol and Soma.


Carisoprodol or Soma is one effective treatment used for muscle pain and spasm. It is also used for skeletal injuries that cause a lot of pain. Carisoprodol can ease the pain but it should be used for a long period of time because of its addicting effect. The longest period that a person can use Carisoprodol is 3 weeks.

Among the conditions that Carisoprodol treats are:

  • Musculoskeletal pain
  • Muscle injuries
  • Muscle trauma
  • Acute pain caused by an operation
  • To increase the efficiency of a physical therapy

For ordinary body pain, there is no need to use Carisoprodol. Over the counter pain medications will do. This medicine is not for children as well and although it can be given to children ages 12 years and above, it doesn’t mean that it can be prescribed to children.

Muscular pain and muscle trauma can be painful. Don’t make it more painful by becoming a victim of online fraud. Choose your online pharmacy wisely and trust only those that are legit. For a safer prescription refill, check our list of trusted online pharmacies and verify if your chosen e-store is included in our list.