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Buy Prescription Drugs from Canada: Pay Less for Your Drugs

Buy Prescription Drugs from Canada

The cost of prescription drugs has escalated by up to 100% in the recent past and this has made a lot of people living in the United States and other places all over the world unable to afford their medications. Many of these have complications that would not enable them to work and can, therefore, not afford to pay insurance premiums. Others have been prescribed drugs that their insurance covers will not assist in paying.

As a result, people have resulted in searching for prescription drugs in Canadian pharmacies where the prices of drugs are cheaper. This is because the Canadian government controls the prices of drugs sold at the pharmacies located in Canada and drug manufacturers will not be able to exploit people who buy drugs from them. The government has also banned the advertisement of drugs in Canada which has also enabled the drug manufacturer to sell the drugs at lower prices. If they were allowed to advertise, the cost would have been passed on to the customers.

You can buy prescription drugs from Canada at any location all over the world and have the drugs delivered to your doorstep. This can be done at the comfort of your home which will save you the time you would have spent moving from one pharmacy to the other in search of the drugs. The quality of the drugs at Canadian pharmacies is not compromised and you can be assured of getting drugs that have a similar chemical composition as the drugs sold at local pharmacies.

CIPA verifications seal for Canadian online pharmacies

How to Identify a Legitimate Canadian Online Pharmacy

The first step to buying prescription drugs from Canada is getting a reliable source for the drugs. Not all online pharmacies that call themselves Canadian pharmacies are legitimate. Some will label themselves as Canadian online pharmacies and in the real sense, it is a rogue pharmacy that is located in some unknown place. Below are characteristics of a Canadian online pharmacy that can be trusted to supply original medications to any destinations worldwide:

  • The Canadian online pharmacy must require a prescription for the drugs you wish to buy. This should be up to date and the prescribing doctor should be licensed.
  • The pharmacy should be verified by CIPA and other bodies that regulate how online pharmacies operate. If it does not have a proof of verification on its website, do not buy from them.
  • There should be a licensed pharmacist at the pharmacy that is responsible for dispensing the drugs ordered by customers. He should also be available whenever a customer needs clarification about the drugs purchased at the pharmacy or needs any form of advice regarding the drugs.
  • The pharmacy should have a valid license from the Canadian government giving them the go-ahead to offer the services of a pharmacy.
  • There should be a working telephone number on the pharmacy’s website through which you can reach the pharmacy if the need arises. If there is no contact number, do not buy from them.

You can also check out the reviews from customers who have previously dealt with the pharmacy. This will tell you if the pharmacy keeps its word in delivering high-quality medications within the agreed time. If most of the reviews regarding the pharmacy are negative, do not buy from them as this shows that they cannot be trusted.

Pharmacy Mall, a Legitimate Canadian Online Pharmacy

Pharmacy Mall, a Legitimate Canadian Online Pharmacy

How to Order Prescription Drugs from Canada Online

After you have identified a legitimate Canadian online pharmacy to buy drugs from, here is the process that will be followed in purchasing the drugs:

  • Enter the name of the drug in the provided search box to know if it is in stock; if it is, click on it.
  • You will be able to see a detailed description of the drug and the prices of different quantities of the drug. If you wish to continue to purchase, you will click on the amount you wish to buy and add it to cart.
  • The value of the drugs in the cart will be shown and the discount will be deducted from the cost of the drugs if the pharmacy has such an offer. If you wish to continue shopping, you will click on the ‘continue shopping’ icon and proceed to search for the other drugs you wish to buy. If that is all, you will press the checkout button.
  • In the billing page, you will be required to submit details of the payment method that will be used in paying for the drugs and the details that will be used in the shipping.
  • When the payment is successfully processed, you will be notified of the same and the drugs will be dispatched for shipping.

To avoid unnecessary delays, always ensure that the details provided are correct. Giving the wrong information will only lead to delay in the shipment, this will not be convenient for you.

Photo of a shopping cart

Photo of a shopping cart

Prescription Drugs from Canada Prices

The prices of drugs in Canadian online pharmacies are low compared to the prices of similar drugs in local pharmacies. This is as a result of the government’s intervention in the drug prices as a way of ensuring that their citizens are not exploited by drug manufacturers.

There is also stiff competition among the Canadian online pharmacies with each pharmacy trying to sell the drugs at the lowest price. The beneficiaries of such competitions are the customers who will be able to pay less for the medication.

Some Canadian pharmacies will offer free shipment of drugs bought from them as a way of encouraging people to buy drugs from them. This will also reduce the total cost of the medication for customers buying from them.

You can choose to buy generic medications which will work in the same way as the brand drug but costs much less. With this, you will get the same relief at a price that could be 90% less than the price you would have paid for the brand medication.

Discounted price of Viagra in one of the Canadian pharmacies

Discounted price of Viagra in one of the Canadian pharmacies


Buying prescription drugs from Canada is one of the best ways of lowering the cost of your medication and still gets the same relief. The prices of the drugs are quite affordable and you will have the drugs delivered to your doorstep. You should be careful when dealing with online pharmacies as not all of them are genuine and some will sell fake drugs. You can check out our list of Top Online Pharmacies to get guidance in selecting a trusted Canadian pharmacy to buy drugs from.